Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Diffusing a social media meltdown

If you didn't see this story earlier today, High Street baker Greggs (@Greggsthebakers) was the subject of what I imagine the chief executive of the Bundesliga might call a major social media sh*t storm, or at least would have been had their social media team not handled it so brilliantly.

In what the BBC's technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones called "tiresome Wikipedia vandalism" (couldn't put it better myself), pranksters vandalised Greggs' logo on Wikipedia to disparage the brand, with the doctored image appearing on the front page of a Google search for the brand accordingly.

In response Greggs used humour brilliantly to engage with both Google direct (to have the issue resolved), trolls and the general public otherwise - preventing negative PR, driving positive brand advocacy and taking the opportunity to address some common perceptions about their brand in the process.

What they did so brilliantly is not rocket science (and not exactly new - see here for something similar we hatched up back in 2011 when I was at Virgin Media), but it does show how well drilled their social media team is - and that they clearly have the policies in place to enable their staff to be themselves within what is a fast paced and continuously evolving environment while doing good things for their brand at the same time.

How they closed the situation once resolved was also brilliant:
Come on Google, you know it makes sense :-)

I for one will be stopping by to pick up a sausage roll from them on the way to my meeting tomorrow morning!

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