Sunday, February 17, 2013

Thriller in Manila

I'd like you to meet a pair of amazing ladies, who have just helped our product teams have the most incredible couple of weeks in doing our first offshore product roadshows with our partners in Manila.

On the left is Gill from our partnership team in Customer Contact, who has been working with the Broadband, Digital Entertainment and Internal Comms teams on organising our visit to see the Customer Care teams (along with the great guys in Sales who have organised us seeing their teams) to spread the word about our great products and services – and on the right is Abu from Accenture, who has been helping us out with the visits to her centres and seeing some of the culture and people in the Philippines.

Wow, what a couple of weeks – we’ve met something in the region of 800 people, visited 7 centres, learnt a huge amount of things about how we can help our offshore teams more, picked up oodles of actions and given away plenty of goodies to say thanks for how tickled pink we are at all the great work our friends in Manila are doing.

We also managed plenty of Bolt impersonations, lots of TV Anywhere demos, shared many laughs and had a great time all round despite working some very strange hours of 4pm to 3am on many days.

I'm still buzzing on the enthusiasm and am also looking forward to following up with the local teams.

Now there’s just enough time to recover before we go to catchup with our teams in India from next week!


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