Friday, September 7, 2012

Man Won

My current favourite TV programme is Man versus Food, the show that catalogues the ridiculous competitive eating challenges of food enthusiast Adam Richman.  In the office last week a couple of us were even discussing how we’d like to take on some of the challenges – although perhaps not the 6lb burrito I saw Richman take on last week.

What's your favourite episode?  For me it's got to be the one where he took on the chicken wings that were so hot that the chefs had to wear surgical gloves to make the meal.

It's the ultimate in bloke TV - hence, when an unexpected opportunity to have my own go reared its head this week, I had to take on the challenge.

I was in Leeds for a meeting with the local University, and asked Twitter where was a good place for a curry – leading to about 5 people telling me to try a place called Akbar's (which I now know is a chain in the North) and that I'd be impressed by the Naan breads.

That's one word for it, as this image of the table next door to me shows:

Those are apparently called Family Naans, and hence I thought I'd best not order one with my meal.  Wishful thinking clearly, as this appeared at my table:
[The pint is to help with the scale, purely for scientific reasons I assure you]

It was at least twice the size of my head.  Yes, clearly a ridiculous thing to be served when you're eating by yourself.

It was amazing though (as was the accompanying curry), and as I started working my way through it all I could picture was what Adam Richman would be doing were he there (which of course he wouldn’t be, as curries in the US are generally rubbish) – so in no time I was able to proudly photograph the following:

It's also an excellent economising tactic as I couldn't face food afterwards for a long time.

On this occasion in the challenge of Man versus Food ... man won.

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  1. I pride myself on good curry advice if I cant be with you my man, I am shamed to say it's better than the Jaipur!