Monday, June 18, 2012

Taking the Biscuit

We have a new mascot.

Last week a customer contacted the social media tweam to tell us that his pet rabbit had chewed his remote control and he needed a new one.  As if that was something that the tweam were going to believe without the evidence of a cutesy pic.

So meet Biscuit:

That was guaranteed to work, so the tweam had the customer e-mail in and the tweam arranged a shiny new TiVo remote to be sent out as a result of the teething (groan!) problems, which resulted in some really amusing banter with the customer and Biscuit being adopted as our new mascot:

As you can see, we even started our own hashtag and Biscuit is enjoying his new remote:

The customer was even good enough to write in an e-mail to say thanks:
"I just wanted to say how helpful your staff members have been especially Stephanie D! I first contacted you guys through twitter showing my frustration with the service and Stephanie has helped me out so much over the last week or 2 with trying to resolve my problems.
Your team in fact has made my day with the laughs and banter which to me is a good thing to interact with customers in a way we enjoy."
That had to have a response from our social media tweam manager Jim, who gets the last word with his genius response:
"Thanks for taking the time to feedback on your recent experience.
I am absolutely shocked to hear Stephanie has been of some help. We were originally unsure whether or not to hire her, having read her CV, which lists amongst other things - upsetting small children and trolling Kate Middleton within her hobbies and interests. But, we stuck with her and know we know it was the right decision. Hurrah!"
Another customer issue is resolved and we have a new mascot.  Result!

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  1. Haha this is Brilliant! #welovebiscuit