Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Put the blame on VTR

Our traditional approach to online help has been detailed, included oodles of information and – can I say it? – a little dry.

Hence it's been great to see that we're driving ahead with extensive use of video to help customers out with making the most of our products and services – and I was lucky enough to see some of them being filmed last week.

Over the years we've dipped in and out of using video for help, but since the broadband and selfcare teams picked up the baton to make this a key channel a few months ago we've seen some great videos posted on our website to help customers with some relatively complex things like connecting a BlackBerry to a wireless network (I've tried it myself and it's not easy – hence asking for a video to help me out!) and this one, on how to swap out a modem & router for a Superhub:
 Last week in our London offices (previous ones having been filmed in other parts of the country) we had Sam, Vicki, Sami, Tone and Belinda from across our field and customer contact teams record a whole bunch of new videos that will be appearing on our website – and after all, who knows more about our products than the front line?

The videos were on everything from parental control to helping customers log in to My Virgin Media, and here are a couple of cheeky pictures I captured of Tone and the production crew making the My Virgin Media one:

I then managed to upload them to Twitter via my BlackBerry connected Superhub so that video last time around worked for me then!

The team are getting the videos onto YouTube in the weeks to come, which will make them easier for us to share across other social media channels (we’ve already shared some on Facebook, with great feedback) and to make them more findable ... after all, YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world!

More videos will follow on other products too - and we'd really like to hear any ideas of any other videos you'd like to see (pls post in comments below).  Don't worry; I have no intention to star in one myself!

Oh, and the first person who gets the reference for the title of this blog wins a speedboat* - but only if you live hundreds of miles from the ocean. No Googling!

* This is a lie