Friday, March 30, 2012

The birdman of Wythenshawe

I had the pleasure of spending yesterday with our social media 'tweam' in Wythenshawe (Manchester) as we work to grow our customer care presence in this area, which has been really well received by our customers.

One initiative we have been doing in Virgin Media for a while is a programme we call 'Acts of Random Kindness' where we do something to make a customer smile and cheer up their day if we get the opportunity to do so, and the tweam had a great example recently which I just had to share.

A customer tweeted this to @richardbranson (we keep an eye on tweets to him to pick up any from our customers):I don't see the issue myself, as it's suitably cheep!

The tweam then entered the banter, with Katie and the customer exchanging the following:
Katie's really on the ball and she wasn't flapping!

Following this and sensing the opportunity to make a customer smile, Jim from the tweam reached out to have the customer send some details in:
Once we had the customer details, the tweam sent out a little gift for Mr Darcy (great name for a parrot by the way - don't put me up in front of the beak!):
The customer (and parrot?) engagement seemed to be well received in response, proof positive that the team weren't winging it:
Apologies for the appalling puns. It's Friday afternoon and any opperchuntiy for a smile on an amusing brand engagement story can't be passed up :-)

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  1. great story - random acts of commercial delight. nice job