Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A new environment for the tweam

I'm still settling back in post a trip to Australia and New Zealand (which was great), but it's clear while I've been away that things have been busy with our social media customer service team (or 'tweam' as we call them, a hangover from the day when they were known as the 'Twitter Tweam') moving into a new area in our Manchester offices and I think it looks just great (and can't wait to visit again soon):

We've grown the team this year as we've taken on Facebook (well, only in that we're now offering customer service via it - we're not challenging them or anything) and more people engage with us online, so I hope the new environment is going down well with Kyle, Mike, Billy, the 2 Petes, Ian, Sam, Sue and Dan and I'll see you soon guys!

As each visit costs me a box of donuts I have to save up :)

You can find us on Twitter @virginmedia and on Facebook at facebook.com/virginmedia.

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  1. Ooohh I remember someone mentioning Facebook support alongside Twitter :)