Monday, June 13, 2011

Virgin Media Digital Customer Care

Find attached a Slideshare of presentation I am doing next week for the Web 3.0 and The Future of Social Media conference about the Virgin Media story in terms of Digital Customer Care - what we've learnt and our future:
I look forward to the event!


  1. Perhaps you could take a look at the rather shambolic handling of the Virgin Media preview tickets. Certainly not a good customer experience!

  2. Hi - Not sure what this is in reference to but if you want to head over to the Twitter page ( there's contact details if you want one of the team to help.

  3. Nice Presentation Alex - I was always impressed at how progressive a stance VM took on new media channels - keep up the good work!

    Graeme Spice

  4. Hi Alex
    Quick question for you...what tools do you use to monitor all comments about Virgin Media? I can see you use TweekDeck for Twitter and obviously your own FB page, but what other tools, if any do you use to monitor blogs, personal websites etc

    Rachel Collins

  5. I believe that when I see it

  6. Hi Rachel - Sorry for the slow delay in replying, have been swamped after coming back from leave! Tend to use Google Alerts to keep an eye on other things and having a wide community of staff and customers alike to flag things direct is also a great tool :)

    Hi 'Anonymous' - Sounds like you might be having a problem? Let us know if we can help.


  7. Hi Alex,

    Just to provide you with an example of customer experience at virgin media:

    - on June 2nd Vigin media installed a router in a flat in West Kensington
    - Unfortunately your field service wasn't allowed to drill on the premises on a Saturday. So he just run the cable through my open balcony door and promised to return on Tuesday or Wednesday of that week. And he promised to provide me with a phone/ an introduction on how to use the land line.
    - Nothing happened that week.
    - I e-mailed virgin using the customer satisfaction questionnaire and I've called your CIC which promised field services would soon contact me.
    - Nothing happened since then. I still have no phone, cannot use the land line and I can either close my balcony door or use the internet.

    I'm curios how long Virgin Media will still need to fix this!!


  8. Sorry Dirk, I didn't spot this in my messages when I was in Australia. If you still have problems can you let us know [] and the guys will get on the case. Apologies, I just didn't see an alert.