Friday, June 24, 2011

Sydney Monorail

I'm in Sydney on leave after attending a conference and was highly amused to see the Simpsons-like Monorail, which I can tell from speaking to the locals they're not overly keen on.

I thought I'd upload a video of it ...

... and when I went on a lap of it there was a load of purple velour wearing people there too, which just added to the kitschness of it!


  1. Hi Alex,

    There is something wrong with the RSS feed for this item. I must have deleted it from my RSS in Outlook dozens, if not hundreds, of times - but it keeps on re-appearing. My guess is that the RSS agent keeps adding it with the date changed, so Outlook keeps thinking it's been updated.

    None of the other blog items have this issue.

    Who the hell is Sidney Monorail anyway? ;-)

  2. Erm, well it's just using the standard Blogger functionality - I've not changed anything to the template etc.