Monday, February 14, 2011

Superhub Update

There have been many comments to the blog I put up last year about our new Superhub devices, which customers on higher broadband speeds are now installed with - the devices being a 'gateway' that replaces the separate modems and routers from before with a single device.

One of the most common feature requests has been for the ability to use the Superhub as just a modem and for customers to be able to use their own router for those who wish to. This is known as 'bridge' mode, and there is an update on how we are getting on with this (along with some trial details) here.

We have also setup another thread on the help & support forums to capture any other ideas for future Superhub development. This can be found here, and we'd appreciate any ideas and thoughts being submitted to this that thread so we can keep them all in one place.


  1. Sounds good Alex!
    The hub has had it's issues as would any new hardware but I am sure the bug fixes and bridge mode will help.

  2. New to this blog - but I have been following all your comments with interest and some trepidation prior to upgrading from 20 to 30 Mb.
    Installation took place this morning, including superhub.
    The wireless performance is certainly not equal to what I am accustomed to from my Airport Extreme - simultaneous dual band reaching throughout the house with no speed compromise between wired and wireless.
    I have disabled wireless on superhub, set AE to bridge mode and connected AE WAN to superhub LAN with cable. So superhub is doing all the NATing and I haven't disturbed anything inside the superhub such as DMZ, ping flood protection or firewall.
    I now have 31Mb wired and wireless throughout the house and am very happy. When the firmware update to make superhub a bridge becomes available I'm not sure I will want to implement it.
    I rrealise that this is not a solution for people who wish to use every aspect of their current or future high end router. But if it is only the wireless performance of superhub that is a problem then this is a simple solution that works for me.

  3. Hi Alex

    One other common request is the option for Virgin Media to supply a simple cable modem as in the past. I have been with NTL/Virgin Media since before ANY router was supplied (or even supported), and have my LAN side network exactly as I want it (both technically and physically). All I want from VM is a fast and reliable Internet connection. Surely the OPTION to supply a stand alone cable modem could be considered. I would not expect support for any of my own equipment connected to it. I suspect that a lot of customers on the higher tiers are in the same position and don't want a Superhub. Even using bridge mode gives an unnecessarily large power consuming box to use as a modem!


  4. Hi Dave

    I'm by no means an expert on this stuff but those who are tell me that 'bridge' mode should give you everything you'd need and we are going down the route of single supplied equipment for broadband customers.

    Hope this clarifies.


  5. And when will the firmware be available? Trials were promised for April with a view to releasing in May and then June and there's still no news. Not impressed at all.

  6. Hi John - I'm currently on the other side of the world on holiday so aren't up to speed on current status (sorry). Can you post something up on the forums and mark and team will be able to advise of the current situation?