Monday, January 24, 2011

Truly the King

Loved the effort from Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish in his press conference this morning in taking the mickey out of the Sky reporter after the sexism story of the last few days:
Still the King!

Friday, January 7, 2011


What do you call an Australian with a century?
A bowler.

I’ve always loved cricket since my Dad took me to the Basin Reserve (the world’s biggest traffic island) in Wellington to see NZ play England in 1984, and as a proud Kiwi I support two teams, as this T-Shirt puts it so well:So it’s no surprise who I’ve been supporting in the long nights I’ve sat up over the last few weeks watching the Aussies take beating after beating in the Ashes, laughing heartily at Ricky Ponting’s antics (almost as much as I did at his dismissals) and cheering England on all the way through.

What has been as funny is to see the reaction of the (normally – see a particularly poorly judged recent example here) crowing Australian press:Couldn’t happen to a nicer country eh?

England played so well and really gave the Aussies a kicking most of the way through (well other than at Perth and for a day at Brisbane) on their own turf, and were so entertaining to watch along the way – in the end it was a great way to use up the remainder of my leave from last year.

I expect I might have lost a few Twitter followers though over the month of December, as maybe I did go on about it a little bit:Either way I can’t wait for the next series in 2013, which seems like too far away already – although 2.5 years of winding up Aussies will no doubt fly by.

Bring on the world cup … oh, and the NZ vs Pakistan series which started last night. There goes another weekend of trying to sort out the body clock!