Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Digital Nativity

I thought this was really well put together and worth a watch:

I hope everyone has a happy and safe festive season!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Twitter humour

It's slightly rude (and brings out the child in me) but this made me laugh on Twitter yesterday:I guess whatever floats your boat - and a happy Christmas to you too sir!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stuart Baggs (The Robbed)

As I've said previously I love The Apprentice, and I have particularly enjoyed this year's pseudo-panto candidate Stuart Baggs - who has been great value throughout.

This week marked the interview stage, and my has 'our' Stuart been hard done by out of it as Alan Sir Alan Lord Sugar makes up for his obvious guilt over the firing of the (very) lovely Liz last week by making Stuart his scapegoat, based on the advice of a totally clueless lackey.

Stuart has a telecoms licence on the Isle of Man you know, one as an ISP. ISP being an abbreviation for 'Internet Service Protocol' you know.

Apart from the fact that ISP actually stands for Internet Service Provider and the argument over his licence (from the lackey) was complete and total nitpicking of the highest order when his company is a triple play provider - and hence offers TV, broadband and phone services.

In my mind that's a telco, regardless of the minutiae of what technology is used to deliver the services, definition-wise (and in the eyes of a regulator) - which is clearly what was used as a justification to sack him by our favourite entrepreneur.

I can't argue with the other sackings, but it should be Stuart up against Stella next week - and winning, as this year reaches it's final duel.

Stella will win at a canter next week. It's almost not even worth watching it, were Stuart not set to return for a guest slot.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Phishing Alert

Yesterday we were alerted to one of the more advanced phishing attacks against our customers we have seen, and having received the mail myself I thought I'd share what it looked like:Click on it for a larger version, and note the strapline at the bottom including the e-mail address it was sent to (which I have Photoshopped so I don't get more spam!).

Note: This is not a genuine e-mail to our customers and was not sent by Virgin Media.

As per our standard practice, as soon as we were alerted to the message we put up a warning on our website and blocked the site the link went to from being accessed by our customers until the network team at the other end take it down, and with the site it linked to being a very convincing copy of My Virgin Media (this is a genuine link!) it's clear that phishing attacks are becoming more advanced - even if the message did include some of the characteristic spelling mistakes you usually see in phishing attacks.

My spam e-mail folder is full of attempted phishing attacks and the usual advice is to be wary of a message unless you know it's genuine. Personally I never click on links in e-mails, but go to the website myself instead via typing in the website address manually into a browser window.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


With the first places on our network now able to get 100Mb broadband, I thought I'd share a speedtest graph I spotted via Twitter from a customer who recently left their ADSL supplier to join our fibre optic broadband service:I wonder if anyone can guess which day he was installed on 50Mb :-)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Dara Ó Brilliant

[Image Credit - Wikipedia]

I've been to three comedy gigs this year (and Tim Minchin at the O2 with full orchestra is yet to come - can't wait for that) - Frankie Boyle (poor and really lacking in new material), Al Murray (really good) and Dara Ó Briain, who was truly excellent and one of the funniest gigs I have ever been to. Would highly recommend to anyone to go if you get a chance to see him live.

He's also been a revelation as the host of 'The Apprentice - You're Fired' since Adrian Chiles went to ITV earlier this year, and he was on great form this week in offering truffles to the fired candidate (no spoilers), some of his one liners and how he interacted with one of the best panels so far on the programme - which has had a new lease of life and I'm enjoying it almost as much as the main show itself.

And I can't wait to see him with Stuart Baggs when 'The Brand' eventually leaves ... that might have to be a four hour long special!

More @ The Apprentice: http://www.bbc.co.uk/apprentice.