Thursday, November 4, 2010

We top 15,000 Twitter followers!

Overnight we (@virginmedia) passed the landmark number of 15,000 followers on Twitter going by the 'worm' from Twittercounter:And backed up by our Twitter profile:We generally get anything from 20-60 new followers a day looking to hear news from Virgin Media or seek help from our wonderful Twitter 'Tweam' of Billy, Pete and Sam (more on them here) and the 'jump' last week (250+ new followers in 2 days) was due to the launch of 100Mb and the Gadget Show's Jason Bradbury tweeting about it ... keeping the Tweam busy with many enquiries from both customers and non customers!

As ever the team are here to help and I look forward to our followers continuing to grow :-)


  1. Hi alex,
    I have a real problem with my vm account. I was promised to get a certain deal when I upgraded to 50mb however all that was promised was not delivered. Please could you point me the direction of someone who can help as I have got simply nowhere with calling customer services!


  2. Scott - Hi, that doesn't sound good so apologies for that. We'd need some account info to look into it further - can you drop the Twitter 'Tweam' an e-mail with some info on twitter (at) ? Clearly replace the 'at' bit with an '@' sign ... just trying to minimise on the spam the mailbox gets :)