Wednesday, November 3, 2010


A few months back we launched a new 'Gateway' device for customers on our non 50Mb broadband tiers - the device being a combined modem and router from Netgear that we've called the Virgin Media Hub.

And it's gone very well, with a much lower rate of customers contacting us for help with both setting it up and using it on an ongoing basis - as well as improved customer satisfaction scores with additional steps being taken at point of install by our engineers.

Combined with the new broadband activation process coming early in 2011, it's part of a whole programme of works to improve the 'join' experience - as is the 'Gateway' device for the 100Mb service that's coming soon, the 'Superhub'.

The Superhub, which will also replace the separate modem and router as part of 50Mb installs, looks like this and I think you'll agree is a very shiny piece of kit:You should be able to click on any of these for a larger version of them by the way if interested.

The Superhub is 'N' wireless capable, can do speeds of something like 400Mb (so is quite future proof!) and has been through a full product design process including plenty of usability testing with customers (along with all the other testing you would expect us to do) - so as well as looking great hopefully it'll be easy to use.

The usability testing we did enabled us to make some important changes to the stand and the port configuration to improve it, and huge thanks are very much due to all the customers who helped us with ideas on improving it at the usability sessions ... as well as on the upcoming CD activation process which we're all looking forward to having out there next year.

And on that note, I'd best keep an ear on the door as my own beta trial Superhub is due to arrive today I hope!

Update Feb 14, 2011:

Thanks to all those who have commented on the Superhub, and for the feedback on what additional features you would like to see included in a future firmware release for it in particular.

For those who have inquired about 'bridge' mode (which would enable you to use your own router with it), there is an update on our help & support forums here and there is also another thread for any other ideas on what you would like to see in future releases here.

If you can supply your thoughts there we can keep them all in one place and collate them for consideration accordingly.

Many thanks!


  1. Not sure I like the combined router/modem idea tbh. My modem is currently nowhere near my router - and is connected with a piece of UTP. Now I'll end up having two routers (or superhub + a switch).

    Will the superhub be a decent router with useful config options (and updated firmware published - unlike the dlink 615 which is still "officially" stuck at 1.0 fw?).

    I can see the advantage from a support point of view, but as this is likely to be some of the most tech savvy users who sign up to the 100Mbit service I'm worried it'll be too restrictive.

    Does it offer Mac locking on wireless? QoS? Vlan capable would be nice but I admit that's pushing it ;-)

  2. I want one for my 50mb - I got a separate router and hub last month!! :-(

  3. Hi dmc - more details will be available soon!

  4. Ooer! Now where would I have seen that before? ;)

  5. Hi Alex,

    I'm amazed that it has taken this long for 'you' to get around to using an installtion CD. The majority of ADSL ISP's have been using them for years (I speak as one who, until recently, worked for one of the main vendors of installation CD's and can vouch for their effectiveness).

    As for the combined cable modem/router, I - like a number of others here who have commented - have reservations on the capabilities and functions of a combined box.

    The additional problem that I can see here is that in the ADSL world, if you don't like the modem/router your ISP gives you, you can use your own. With your combined cable box there is a problem as you can only buy cable routers - no third party outlets sell cable modems or combined cable modem/routers.

    So effectively if you, as a user, are issued with one of these combined boxes and the functionality does not cover your needs, you're pretty much stuffed for alternatives.

    I for one would prefer to stick with a cable modem (supplied by the ISP) and a separate router (which can also be supplied by the ISP, but) which I have the freedom to replace with one that better suits my needs.

    I need to support 25+ wireless devices (with MAC filtering), have a "Guest" wireless access point, wireless 'n' and 'g', port forwarding, dynamic dns client, syslog forwarding, user defined services, IP address reservation, etc, etc.

    I realise that that puts me in a minority, but I'd argue that the vast majority of 50/100Mbps users are going to be those that require more features - they're not going to be your average granny just sending emails to the gas-board ;-)

  6. Hi Geoff

    Thanks for the comment, understand the different needs and that's something we have been catering for in our equipment manufacture roadmap - with something being worked on being the ability to make the device 'just' a modem for those who prefer to connect it to a router.

    The other key point for me is, unlike in a typical DSL world, if the equipment has a problem we'll repair/replace it for free so you don't have to go and buy another bit of kit - its maintenance is part of the service we offer.

    We've done CDs before and took them away as we didn't need them at the time with the whole process able to be managed via a 'walled garden' and no drivers being needed for the equipment. When we re-reviewed our 'join' experience it was clear that it was the best way to deliver the seamless setup experience for wireless and also people were telling us that it was what they expected when joining a new ISP, so we are re-introducing them. We have also done oodles of usability work on the flows so am really looking forward to see how the new CD is received.

    As for 50/100 customers, typically they tend to be multi user households as well as tecchies - tecchies by no means dominate the base.


  7. Hi Alex,

    Walled gardens are all very well (I know one major ISP that has 3 of them on their network), but they cannot get you to connect the cables correctly and switch the wireless on on your laptop ;-)

    A CD flow which can both illustrate and check these things is still pretty essential - especially for older users for whom all 'electic string' is a minefield. I presume that your installer will be collecting the usual audit trail and usage information?

    Incidentally, have you thought of distributing the installer on a USB stick for those who have netbooks without an optical drive? Similarly, you might want to check that the application window will still fit on a netbook screen (1024 x 600).

    On the subject of CPE; there are at least 2 major DSL ISP's who provide their own kit and maintain or replace it FoC, so your statement on this point is a little wide of the mark.

    The ability to send the new hub a command to turn it into a modem-only is a useful one (similar to the hidden command already present on the Netgear DG834x family).

    You don't actually need to be a techie to need many of the facilites that I mentioned. All you need is a family (and their friends) with PC's, laptops, mobile phones (with WiFi), some game consoles and a media TV and you have a need for most of the functions I listed - although I'll give you that most people wouldn't need a syslog forwarder or a Dyn DNS client ;-)

  8. Hi Geoff

    Not sure what you mean by "usual audit trail and usage information" but the CD will ensure that the service is connected, checks the wireless all works etc.

    We had a look at the USB based option but it's not that cost effective in comparison to a CD solution at this point in time, but it's something we intend to keep monitoring given Moore's Law and computing (well, not actually Moore's Law but hopefully you get what I mean).

    Testing includes on netbooks.



  9. Hi Alex,

    It's common for installers of this kind to collect info on which pages the user visits during the flow (especially if you have diagnostic/repair features in the product) and the outcome (success/failure), together with a key that can be used to track the end-point ID. This is all uploaded to a server DB on completion of the flow (assuming you get sucessfully connected).

    This way you can use the data collected to identify the success or failure rate / main causes of failure / areas where the flow could be improved / households with multiple PC's etc, etc.

    Re the USB stick: I know that you can get a CD made for c50p and that the cheapest USB stick is around £2 or so in quantity. Compared to the installation cost of sending a technician or the monthly cost of the service to the subscriber, especially if you even out the additional cost for those that need a USB stick over the entire broadband subscriber base, it amounts to peanuts.

    Glad to hear that you're testing on netbooks too... I know of at least one ISP that didn't and were highly embarassed when it was pointed out that on a 1024 x 600 netbook screen the [Prev] / [Next] navigation buttons on their nice new installer were off the bottom of the screen!

  10. Ah, with you now - yes, drop out points, error reporting etc all captured so we can work out where things don't go right if they do, take action to fix etc.



  11. hi, you said there will be an option to make the superhub a modem only but will it give out a public ipv4 address and actually turn off all the firewall and nat. i ask this because i use a custom built firewall (m0n0wall) which allows me to easily setup a ipv6 tunnel so i have full ipv6 access but this isn't possible with the hub you use for 10/20 meg as it still gives out a private ip. also is this superhub compatible with ipv6 for the future and when are virgin going to trial/release ipv6.

    thanks paul

  12. Hi

    I'll need to check out some of the more technical details and revert but it will be IPv6 compatible, which we'll roll out when the time is right. Our tecchies are working to a plan on this.


  13. good to know you atleast have a plan for ipv6 as last time i asked via support there was no know plan, and that took 4 support people before anyone even knew what ipv6 was. i await your answer on the others bits as this will determine if i upgrade to 100mb when available or not.

  14. Can I ask why you are posting false data on what the customers are saying about this device as the pilots are still on going so you are just takinga small states and sorry but people have been calling up a lot about the superhub the device is no way near ready for mainstream use and heres you saying its XYZ well sorry Alex but your wrong.

    The device is a good step forward but the device is not dual channel meaning you are stuck with 2.5 or 5 if it was dual channel it would be able to host both radios but it can't so its not faster as almost all phones on the market right now are 2.5 and most laptops still are using 2.5 meaning you have to downgrade your connection to 2.5 and the 5 devices are left out or left running slower speeds.

    I disagree with the cd's the SuperHub should not need a CD to install and it seeds files on the the host PC what well should be a NONO I been working with computer for years and this was a realy bad move the device should be ready to go as your network is closed managed by you so why would the end users need to install anything? the dongles you provide could also include a Vdrive eg C Cd Drive or Flash drive to isntall its own drivers, I think this step is already been looked in to but the Hub is a network device should be self maintaned no CD needed if I was to install device on a network in a company then told them hand on I have to use the CD to config it they would thought me out head first this is a NETWORK controlled device not user computer controlled device.

    Some points you made are nice like the ip6 will be supported but this device at this time as no idea why its dropping out when it comes to wifi and the logs sometimes are not catching the real bugs.

    Until all the pilots are complete please don't be stating the customers are saying XYZ as this is false data.

  15. I think you're confusing two things here timescale wise:

    (1) The 'Hub' that has been out on the live network for some time - and has a much lower call in rate, much higher customer satisfaction measures etc (and we're in the process of rolling out further improvements for); and
    (2) The 'Superhub', which launched for new 50Mb customers last week (and all the same is getting good results so far, although it's too early to make any real conclusions)

    I've been using a 'Superhub' myself for many weeks and am really happy with its performance, as are others who have been trialling internally and the pilot customers, which clearly was the key success criteria to go with it as the default piece of equipment for 50Mb as a whole.

    We're happy this is a very good piece of equipment, and fundamentally wouldn't be launching it otherwise.

    As for CDs, they've not launched with the 'Superhub' but will happen subsequently - they're not there as a required piece of equipment, but are deisnged to make the install process (particularly for wireless, which we know isn't that user friendly if you're not au fait with wireless technology) much smoother and easier ... and indications from the usability testing so far is that they will. We've spent a lot of time getting these developed with the help of customers and are doing further rounds of usability testing with them before we launch it.

    Happy to address any specific concerns you have if you want to drop me a line - am off until Weds, but happy to pick up then.



  16. Hi, We use the 20MB but upgrading to the 50Mb on 16th December.

    We use VoIP services (I work from Home some days) and need port forwarding to work as it should, also QoS is a MUST for this as i also use VPN and want VoIP calls to be the most important as in terms of bandwidth usage.

    Are there any features that the Superhub dont have that the Dlink DR615 does ?

  17. I'll check it out when I'm back off leave.


  18. Alex,

    Have you been able to confirm if the super hub will be able to be configured as a transparent bridge (modem only) so the public IP can be used on a 3rd party firewall or router?

  19. Hi Guys

    Back in the office today, and sitting beside the expert so been able to check this out.

    On making the Superhub into a modem only (bridge mode), that's something on the roadmap to be delivered via a future firmware release (which we'll automatically push to customers, so they don't have to do anything) next year. The team are working on the details and more information will be made available via the help & support forums at the appropriate point.

    On the question as to QOS, the Superhub doesn't have QOS - and in the *vast* majority of cases will not be needed (although this is something that we will continue to review). However, when we have the bridge mode then clearly customers will be able to connect what they wish to it and their specific devices can be configured as needed.

    On the DLink specific query one of the tecchies (who understands this way more than me) had the following to say:

    "The DIR615 does have a whole host of advanced features, including the ability to set up rules controlling access from certain devices at different times of the day etc. It also supports DDNS with 3rd party providers, a basic parental control (URL block list) and the ability to add static LAN routes. In my opinion, these are not things that the majority of customers would want or need, and it would be hard for them to set up. These would probably generate more enquiries from misconfiguration than appease tech-savvy customers with weird / wonderful LAN setups."

    The other point on dual frequency wireless is that it is dual channel, it's just not dual *concurrent* frequency wireless due to where the technology was at when we developed the box - but that is something that we're intending to look at for the future and it's on our roadmap of things to work on. In the meantime we'd advise Superhub users to only use the 5GHz frequency if all their equipment is 5GHz capable, 2.4GHz otherwise - which would ensure maximum compatibility with legacy devices.



  20. Based on the above them the SuperHub is very restrictive in terms of features. I assume that Virgin will give us the option to have either the standalone modem with the add-on router, or the superhub, if however Virgin only install the new superhub, then I am going to have to ring customer services and request that the 50Mb upgrade which is due to take place on 16/ December be cancelled due to restrictions in place on the Superhub which is disappointing really

  21. Hi

    I wouldn't agree the Superhub is restrictive, and it is designed for the vast majority of customers' needs - which the feedback we've received is overwhelming in.

    Saying that, the bridge mode will be available next year which will give you what you need.


  22. Still did not answer all my questions. So i repeat again.

    When customers upgrade to 50MB or even 100MB

    will they be given the chooice of having the SuberHub or standalone Modem. What you have to remember is that the usage of the internet is always changing, we use and rely on the intenet more now then we did say 2 years ago.

    so based on that, why would you provide a combined router that lacks features. this would mean, that everyone could go to say like PC Wolrd and pick up a router that will have far more features then the SuperHub. but the point is unlike DSL, Cable customers wont get the freedom to use there own router until you have done a firmware upgreade. So i ask you this, why are you releasing a product to customers which is more restrictive then the current Cisco 2100 Cable Modem and D-Link DR615 Router which offer far better features and does NOT restrict the customer.

    I will now phone customer services and ask them the question if we can choose to receive the standlone modem or superhub, if not then i will have to cancel our 50Mb upgrade which is booked for 16/12

  23. looks like you are going to lose some customers

  24. thanks for the info, looks like no upgrade for me until bridge mode is release and confirmed working. Is there any technical reason why the current 50Mb modem can't be used for 100Mb? i understand why you want the combined hub for easy of support but for us tech users that know what were doing its way to restrictive at present, that's what i've always liked about virgin is that i can pick what router i want just hope bridge mode gets sorted quickly and works.

  25. Ok, there's a few things to answer here - will try to answer them in order.

    (1) for 'Anonymous' [and thanks to my colleague Rick for filling in the gaps in my technical knowledge]

    Any customer upgrading to 50Mb or 100Mb will now receive the Virgin Media Super Hub. We will not be offering a choice of separate Modem/Router due to logistical complexities and the fact that the legacy equipment is now end of life.

    Our aim is to make the Virgin Media Broadband service as easy to set-up and use as possible as has been shown with the improvement in customer satisfaction with the 'Hub' and we're expecting the same trend when we review the data from the Super Hub launch.

    Customer research held earlier this year showed that for the vast majority of our customers the advanced features found in the DIR-615 (and similar) were seldom (if ever) used and actually drove complexity and confusion. Our customers also highlighted a desire for us to move to a 'single box' solution for broadband/Wireless LAN, further reducing complexity around self set-up/install.

    A further benefit the 'single box' Super Hub is that it provides us with the ability to maintain and push updated firmware should we find any bugs and/or need to roll out service enhancements. Prior to the Super Hub, we were unable to do this - a situation which made it very difficult for us to ensure our less technical customers continued to receive the best Broadband/wireless experience.

    Finally, the 'single box' Super Hub solution paves the way for us to roll-out some further service enhancements in 2011 – which wouldn't be possible with a separate Modem/Router.

    We do however appreciate that a small minority of our more technical customers may prefer to source/use their own kit. To that end we will be releasing a firmware update next year that will facilitate a 'bridge' mode on the Super Hub, enabling a 3rd party device can control the LAN-side routing.

    Trust that clarifies the situation and answers your questions.

    (2) Dave

    Hi - Hoping not, but hopefully the additional info is of some use. We'll work to get some more information up on the forums to help with any enquiries.

    (3) Paul

    Hi - As per the other comments there will be a bridge mode available next year.

    The current modems are end of life and we're moving to the new Super Hubs with the launch of 100Mb , which are designed to be future proof (well, as much as you can - you know what I mean!) and can do speeds of up to 400Mb (from what I recall), so they're there to establish the equipment in customer homes that can do even faster speeds,

    Hope this makes sense.

    Thanks for everyone's comments.


  26. Hi Many Thanks for the response.

    Can you please confirm, if the SuperHub supports Port Forwarding and DMZ?

  27. Yes - And one of the tecchies has even double checked (just for you!) that it all works fine again on top of the original testing :-)


  28. Hi Alex

    I am upgrading from 20meg to 50meg this month mainly because my Media Hub router/modem is a nightmare when using multiple xboxes online at the same time (we have 3 in the house)

    I was under the impression that I would be getting a seperate router/modem but now it looks like it will be the Superhub.

    To me the Superhub looks like a new version of the media hub. Can you tell me if I will still have the same problems with my X-boxes (and the grief from my kids will not be pleasant)

    I will cancel the upgrade if there will still be problems as a firmware update is in the pipeline for the media hub.

    Many thanks,,Steve.

  29. Hi Steve

    As you say, there's a firmware upgrade underway for the Hubs to fix the Xbox bug we found. That's in Release 19 (so R19 in the admin interface) of the firmware - the Super Hubs are on R20.

    The man in the know advises:

    "You should be fine! He should not however that this is just for the main SSID ... i.e. if he set’s up guest SSID’s (he can have up to three) he shouldn’t connect them to these. In other words, connect all your X-Boxes to the main SSID and you’re away!"

    Hope this helps.


  30. Im Now going to phone Customer Servics and cancel the upgrade. Shame really, VM have moved in the wrong direction in my view.

    Maybe we should all switch to BT Infinity (at least we will have a choice of routers (fully featured routers)

  31. Thanks Alex

    I will go ahead with the upgrade.



  32. Upgrade now cancelled, I explained my concerns to the cancellations department
    He was quite understanding and said they have had a few complaints etc

  33. I had a customer who refused the XXL install today as I had no hubs on my van and she wanted one!

  34. Oh dear - drop us an e-mail internally if I can help!


  35. Hi Alex,

    This thread makes interesting reading...

    I appreciate that your main focus is to reduce calls from the majority of users (and those will be the ones that don't have advanced IT skills).

    However, generally, the people who initially take up the new services (e.g. 50Mbps and now 100Mbps), i.e. the "early adopters", tend to be the techies.

    So... by all means make the CPE as easy to use as possible, but don't do that at the expense of the more technical. It's plain from this thread that the ability to turn the device into a modem-only should have been put in from the off, not as an update several months later.

    As I say, advanced users tend to adopt first, the less tech-savvy later. As things stand, you have the simplicity for the less tech savvy, but lack the flexibility for the advanced users. Methinks you have your initial priorities back to front here.

  36. Thanks for the feedback Geoff (and others).

    As stated we'll have a 'bridge' mode to follow, and as for adoption of services we've found on 50Mb a mixture between multi user households (with multiple devices) and some of what I would call 'classic' early adopters and are expecting the same with 100Mb ... and we're planning for it accordingly.

    Much appreciated on the feedback :)

  37. Hi Alex

    What are the options for those of us who currently have one of the VMNG300 modems + netgear WNR2000 combos to have our kit replaced with one of the new Superhubs?

  38. Hi Craig

    The info for this is on our website. The following may help (apologies if it word wraps - you may need to copy & paste into Notepad and then a browser):



  39. Hi Alex,

    That link is not terribly useful - it just takes you through to the "Shop", not directly to the answer to Craig's question. Neither is it immediately obvious where you should go from there to find the answer.

    I think a better link is:

    That actually gives the info on getting a Super Hub (i.e. Free when you add or upgrade to 20Mb broadband, 50Mb broadband or 100Mb broadband;
    £75 when taken with 10Mb broadband)

    So my guess is £75 is you just want one to replace what you currently have, without changing your package?

    It would be nice to have an option in the shop menu to just list all the items that you can get/buy, rather then go through a laberinthine set of pages trying to find what you want... or have I missed it?



    PS: Myself, I'm sticking to the VMNG300v2 modem and my own WNDR3700 router (which does concurrent Wireless G and N on 2.4GHz and 5 GHz ;-)

  40. Geoff - thanks. I'll pass on your feedback to the online team, as I see that we could make this a bit easier to find.


  41. Thanks Alex,

    I should have made clear that I already have the 50meg service as I was one of the early adopters in the area.

    When it was installed I was supplied with one of the 50 meg modems (VMNG300) + one of the older Netgear WNR2000 routers.

    I've had a quick look through the link you provided and I'm not able to find where I would purchase one of the new superhubs so any further pointing in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!

  42. Apols - Geoff posted a far better link!


  43. Given some of the comments I thought I'd share my own recent experiences of upgrading from a 10Mb service to a 50Mb and the new Super Hub.

    In a nutshell, the facility to set it as a modem only cannot come quick enough. I am considering binning it and reverting back to the original modem, even with the drop in performance.

    As a result of not using my original router and having to use the Super Hub:
    - Some wireless devices can no longer connect to the Internet (although they can connect to the router OK)
    - The printer (which was wireless) now has to be wired otherwise nothing can see it
    - Performance from mobile devices (iPhones) is now patchy (in terms of range and connectivity)
    - Streaming tracks from Napster now comes up with connectivity issues, and I've been unable to listen to more than 3 tracks from a single album because tracks are skipped
    - The QoS I'd set-up on my original router for the 2 x-boxes, which were running and connecting perfectly without issue for months has now gone out the window (there is no QoS on the Super Hub).

    ...and to get this far was half a day of my time after the install, although to be fair, most of this time was spent trying to find someone who could help (sadly to no avail). It was the old, over an hour on the phone repeating the issues to more and more people, finally ending with unfulfilled promises to call me back.

    Why there wouldn't be an option to 'just' upgrade the modem and service I don't know.

  44. Hmm, would like to look into this further to understand what's going on. Can you drop the Twitter 'tweam' an e-mail (twitter @ with some details please and we'll get in touch to investigate?



  45. Hi, had super hub yesterday but I could not connect either iPad or PC for some time, after much tearing of hair finally got both working by changing the 802.11 mode from "up to 300Mbs" to "up to 145Mbs". As I now understand it this is due to my devices using 1T1R adapters which only have 1 antenna and can therefore only transmit and receive at 150Mbs (please feel free to comment if this is incorrect, not a techie). Given that the majority of users probably don't have 1T2R or 2T2R adapters would it not be more sensible to set the mode to 145Mbs by default?
    Other than that it works fine for my devices and I have seen an increase in download speed, I do however agree that not being able to use both frequencies together is a bit short sighted, note the bridge comments.

  46. I'm by no means the expert but will fwd your comments onto the man who is. Not aware if he's off for Xmas yet but will check.


  47. Hi John,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    We did quite a bit of usability and product testing on the Superhub and focused on a default configuration that would:

    (1) Ensure the highest possible wireless speeds; and
    (2) Maximise backwards compatibility with other devices (including older ones on Wireless 'G')

    The Superhub is dual channel, just not dual *concurrent* channel - this is something we're looking into for future developments of the Superhub.

    On the bandwidth setting, I'll admit that this is a bit odd - and here's some thoughts from the man in the know:

    "It is odd that you had to change the Bandwidth from 'upto 300mbits' to '145mbits' to connection your devices ; did you also change the wireless encryption in use by the Superhub? When testing we asked users to try multiple devices such as ipods, mobiles, etc to connect and report the ease of setup and haven't seen reports of any iPad owners having problems with the default settings."

    Glad you found a way through it though!

    There's a few other snippets here to comment on.

    'Anonymous' - Thanks for dropping us a line on your specifics. The wireless guru in the technical support team has been in touch, so do come back to Paul direct if you have any other questions as he knows it much better than I :-)

    We're going to get a more detailed technical specification of the Superhub published for those who are keen on the lower level of detail, so please bear with us as we finalise that.



  48. Hi,

    Thanks for the reply. I use both the iPad and a laptop running Windows 7 and neither would connect when the super hub was set to 300Mbs. Both devices are set to WPA2 encryption and the super hub was left as default WPA Auto; both devices are 802.11n and both connected immediately the speed was set to 145Mbs.

    I have tried to research the 802.11n standard and have to say I am confused. As I understand it (and am perfectly ok with somebody correcting if wrong) the standard uses MIMO which allows multiple antennas to achieve higher speed and can also use channel bonding to allow the use of the 40Mhz band, effectively doubling throughput. I also understand there are a number of different configurations that clients may use in terms of the number of wireless antennas and channel bonding yet still adhere to the "n" standard. So if the configurations on both my clients are configured in such a way that they can only transmit and receive at 150Mbs and the super hub is set to 300Mbs could this be a conflict and explain why they didn't connect?

    Sorry for the long post but the more I look into the standard the more complex it appears to be and is not as straightforward as perhaps people like me might think.


  49. Have checked out with the expert, who is also on the forum team if you want to dig into in more detail (

    "It does get a tad confusing when you start looking at the 2 drafts of Wireless N and various implementations of routers, etc! Our SuperHub has dual band but they don't run concurrently - i.e. - they don't use the MIMO spec to channel bond the 20Mhz and 40Mhz antenna's so it only connects on one or the other.

    This is something we are looking into next year so that the benefits of dual channel bonding can be used by customers.

    It is possible that the adapter on the iPad and laptop only support the earlier N standard so could only operate on the 145meg band but it would be more likely that they didn't support the WPA-Auto encryption (mixed WPA and WPA2 AES)"

    Hope this helps.


  50. Thanks again but I don't think the encryption level is the problem because both my clients support WPA2 and when I took this option on the hub both clients continue to connect BUT when I then change the speed to 300Mbs the connections are lost straightaway. The only other test I can do is get a 300Mbs rated USB adapter and try that on my PC but as it is Xmas that will have to wait.

  51. Cheers John - and have a good one. Suggest posting to the forums direct so Paul and the other experts there can help out direct :)

    Happy Xmas


  52. Thank you, and a merry Christmas to you.

  53. Hi Alex

    Had the Super Hub installed yesterday, switched on my kids X-boxes only to find that it is exactly the same as the previous Home Hub ie one open NAT and one moderate Nat.

    Can you find out from your tech guy if it is possible to open up both NATs and if so the best way of going about this.

    Many thanks


  54. Hi Alex,

    Just for info, I have a Netgear WNDR3700 router (which does concurrent 2.4GHZ and 5GHz wireless N) and we have an iPad and an iMac both using 5GHz wireless N with WPA2 and with the router set to 300Mbps and they all work completely fine.

    So my guess is that John's problem is something to do with the Super Hub.

    Device-router compatibility can be fraught. Some devices do not like WPA Auto mode (WPA-TKIP + WPA2-AES) and will not connect unless the wireless security is specifically set to one or the other (I have 2 Sony music streamers with this issue).

    Also, my Nokia E71 phone would not work wirelessly with my previous router, also Netgear, but works fine with the WNDR3700. Yet my E51 Nokia phone works with both.

    It all depends on how the device manufacturer interprets the standards.

  55. Thanks for the additional comments. Steve - Can you post this onto the help & support forums and get access to the tecchie brains direct? Would no doubt speed this up a bit :-)

    Happy Xmas!


  56. A quick update FYI, after reading a couple of posts and surfing. I have used the old Netgear WGR614 as an access point by disabling DHCP and a couple other things, set to 802.11g only, assigned an IP from the super hub range, Same subnet mask as super hub and using super hub as the gateway, used different ssid and WPA2. My legacy devices use the old router at 2.4Ghz, 54Mbs and my iPad and desktop PC now use the new super hub at 5Ghz, 300Mbs, encryption set at Auto. At 5Ghz the device shows using 2 channels so clearly uses channel bonding to 40Mhz.


  57. Hi Alex,

    Super hub coming next week :-)
    Im forward planning on possible configeration from what i hear about the hub, and have a question about 2 ssids. At the minute im broadcasting in wep only as family member few doors away is using a wgr614v9 as a repeater WDS. I also have a WNR2000 as base unit and access point.
    Is there such way i can use Superhub at 5Ghz for main computer, WNR2000 to broadcast 2.4ghz for other devices still allowing the use of the WGR614V9 as a repeater without compromising security as i do not like WEP, can i have 2 different securitys for the 2 ssids? Does it sound like i may win?

    Many Thanks

  58. Hi Alex,

    Does the new super hub have a USB interface and support Network attached storage? I would like to do something to provide a network attached backup device for my (mostly) mac devices.


  59. Hi Guys

    'Anonymous' - No, this is not something the Superhub has. To be honest we were a bit concerned about confusion (e.g. people plugging in the wireless adapter) if we had this, but it might be something we do in the future. The product guys are going to include your feedback (have passed it on) as we work on the roadmap for the Superhub.

    Darren - This is a very technical enquiry (to me!) and way past my knowledge level on the matter, so I've checked with one of the experts and passed on their thoughts below. I suggest raising any other feedback on the wireless forum, where the expert resides and will be able to advise better (and quicker!) than me.

    "So, as I understand it:

    Family member used WG614

    He has a WNR2000

    He has to use WEP on this to facilitate the use of the WG614 as a repeater. I assume this is a constraint of the WG614 (i.e. it doesn’t support WPA/WPA2?)

    He is getting a Super Hub

    1. Can he use the Superhub at 5Ghz for his main Computer? (yes!)

    2. Can he use the WNR2000 to broadcast 2.4Ghz (Well yes, but as this is a router only I’m not sure what he’s planning to connect it to as the Super Hub replaces the modem)

    3. Can his family member still use the WG614 as a repeater (yes, I am assuming the WG614 was repeating the WNR2000 signal I am unsure what he plans to connect the WNR2000 to as the Super Hub will replace his modem)

    What I can tell you is that as I understand, the multiple SSIDs on the Super hub will allow different security encryptions (i.e. WPA2 and WEP) at once. However both will need to run at either 2.4.Ghz or 5Ghz. That means that in theory he could connect ‘Family members’ WG614 to the secondary SSID of his SuperHub and use the primary SSID for himself.

    Remember though, these will both need to operate at the same frequency (2.4/5Ghz)."



  60. For people who say they don't like the combo of Router and modem then simply either keep the one you have or buy another one for most of us though I think it a great idea, dont really like the look of it though compared with the older one, wish they had kept the old design and just put new stuff in it.

  61. Just wanted to comment on the Superhub interface.

    I've been setting the LAN IP (so I can have static IP's) & after each & every single entry the router decides it has to be rebooted. The older netgear router I had allowed for as many entries as you needed & you just applied the changes, before rebooting. This just seems like a backwards step & is really time consuming.

    Also it would be nice if the router could remember if you used the advanced settings so that I don't have to click the advaced setting link every time I log in to it.

  62. Thanks Craig - I'll post onto my colleague leading the development.


  63. Superhub arrived (replacing modem and my own router). 50meg wow.. Laptops, tv, Nokia and Ipod touch all working ok.

    Kids come home from school... XBOX conected ok.. BUT SECOND XBOX would not connect.

    Have since phoned Virgin and been downgraded to 2-meg and they are sending back the engineer with my modem he took away this morning :-(

  64. Hi Alex

    I’m currently on Virgin Media 10mb and wish to upgrade to 20 or 50mbs as I do a lot of VOIP at home and my family are downloading more stuff.

    We have an Apple TV, iPhone 4, wireless Desktop PC, iPad and a laptop that that sometimes struggle to stream media to each other in our largish house under 2.4Ghz Wireless G. As they’re all Wireless N compliant will the SuperHub help their streaming issues?

    However I’m concerned that as my wife has an iPhone 3GS and an older laptop, both of which only support Wireless G, these 2 devices won’t work with the Superhub if the Superhub has Wireless N enabled. Could you please confirm?

    If this is the case when in 2011 does Virgin Media plan to enable the current Superhub to support concurrent dual band wireless G & N, and/or allow a separate router to be attached to the Superhub?

    Your answer will directly influence if I stay with Virgin Media or move to an ISP that will allow me concurrent dual band wireless G & N.

    Many thanks

  65. Hi

    Rugby Games - I checked this out with the expert and as long as you used the main SSID and not a guest network this should not be a problem. Can you confirm you did? This is a known issue we're working on a fix for on the Guest network.

    Mirwin - It sounds like the bridge mode is ideal for your needs. We're working on this with our vendors at the moment and don't have a release date for it yet, but as soon as we do we'll post it on the help & support forums - please keep an eye on there ( for the latest news from the guys leading this up.



  66. Hi Alex

    Thanks for the quick response. The instructions on the website below says it is possible to connect a separate router to the Superhub. Could you ask your technical colleagues to confirm this will work, as if so I’ll stay with Virgin Media,

    Many thanks

  67. Officially oodles over my head. I'll check with the tecchies and revert as soon as we have some more details - thanks for the link mirwin.



  68. Hi Alex,

    I was the anonymous posting about the USB storage access to the super hub. Thanks for passing this onto the development team. For me the combination of a high speed router and attached USB drive would replace my need for an expensive Apple Time capsule / Network attached storage device. It would also remove the current three devies (modem, router, powered hard drive enclosure) down to one device (hub with attached USB).


  69. I think it's very odd that wireless security with the Superhub appears not to include the feature of blocking network access to all devices except specified MAC addresses.

    Instead the MAC filtering feature on the Superhub appears to provide the ability only to block one or more specific MAC addresses (and that data is lost after a power recycle!)

  70. Hi Alex,

    How close are the developers at getting a firmware to allow disable of the built in router?



  71. John H - We'll look into this, thanks for the report.

    Anonymous - It's being worked on and keep an eye on the help & support forums, where we'll keep you posted on progress.

  72. Got one of the old type modems delivered and New type Xbox would not connect to my own wireless router!

    Then discovered if I told Xbox to reset to factory settings it then connected.

    So I think I have found teh problem with the NEW type xbox not connecting to the Superhub? but as I have downgraded back down to 20meg have not then got teh Superhub connected to test my theory. The old style xbox connects great

  73. FYI Mirwin, as an update ...

    The technical experts have had a look at this and yes, in theory the instructions outlined in that website could work depending on the router you choose to use. However, this is in effect re-engineering the Superhub in a way it has not been designed for and it would present some problems with regards to the way it would route traffic (as would be running a private network within a private network) and it is likely that some services such as VPNs would not function and it may have an impact on throughput speeds received.

    This is not something our technical support team would be able to help with either should you encounter any problems - however the help & support forums at may have others with experience on this also.

    The 'bridge' mode for the Superhubs is currently being developed by our vendors and we will keep customers up to date on when it is ready (and intend to ask for their help in testing it) via the help & support forums.

  74. JohnH - On the power cycle point do other settings also get reset or is it just the MAC filtering rules when you do a power cycle? Is it a cycle using the on/off button or pulling out the power cable? This is curious - have you reported this on the help & support forums?

    Want to get a bit more info before we start digging and trying to replicate :)

    Thanks for any info


  75. Alex

    Having experienced numerous problems recently with the standalone cable modem I was looking forward to the Hub that Neil Berkett's office are sending me. And then I found this page!

    No DynDNS? This is 2011 isnt it? I'm with the earlier poster. Most 100Mbit customers will be tech savvy and if not they don't need to use it but to remove the feature is madness.

    No USB storage (but being considered). Would be great if it enabled some basic NAS functionality like web server or similar.

    No concurrent dual band use. Duh? Why not. I doubt many customers have exclusively 5GHZ compatible kit so effectively you're consigning us all to 2.4GHZ which also is riddled with interference potential as its the most used licence-exempt band in the world!

    Give us the full feature set. They can be disabled by default but at least then the tech-aware could activate what they *need*.

    And bridging mode? That's just an excuse to not realise a proper product.

  76. Hi, I have just upgraded from 10mb to 20mb broadband. I currently have a Cisco 2100 cable modem plugged into an Apple Time Capsule wireless router. The Super Hub was delivered this morning. The technician is coming next week. However, I do no need or want the Super Hub for reasons already outlined above. Will I be able to continue to use the Cisco 2100 modem to receive 20mb broadband?

  77. Hi Alex,

    Is it possible to use my existing VMNG300 modem with the 100mbps service?

    I can't really want to upgrade to the super hub until it supports bridge / SACM mode, but I would like to start using your 100 mbps service before then.



  78. Alex

    First I must say your blog is really helpful and answered lots of my questions. Just one unanswered. I have a Synology DS211 (NAS) which I use to make my data available to me over the internet. Do you know if the SuperHub will cause any problems with it. I also use dyndns to give me a static IP in order to get access to the DS211 via a browser.


  79. Do you have any update on when bridging is available on the superhub, i am currently on 20 mb package and looking to upgrade to at least 50 mb. however I currently run a cisco ASA firewall, and will not take it out of the setup.
    Hence I will not be able to upgrade until this issue is rectified as i do not want to reduce my security.

  80. just got my internet upgraded with superhub, but VOIP is not working anymore! are you aware of this problem?

  81. Hi

    Thanks for the comments - sorry to have been a few days in approving comments & responding ... been maxed out!

    Andrew - This is a new one on me. Can you please report it on the Help & Support forums ( with some details and the community team will pick it up asap.

    Mr Barton - Don't have a firm date yet, but it's being worked on right now and we'll publish details on the Help & Support forums as soon as we have some news (as per previous responses).

    John - Way over my head sorry, but I checked in with the expert:

    "Your Synology NAS box should work fine with our SuperHub but may require a little bit of port forwarding and configuration for it. Does your current router support Dyndns login via its configuration pages? Our Hub doesn't directly support the Dyndns login so it would just be a case of checking every now and then to ensure your IP hasn't been changed and updating your Dyndns account accordingly if it has. Other then that just setup the required ports to forward and it should work fine :)"

    Paul - If upgrading to 100Mb you'll be installed with a Superhub.

    Anonymous - You may have seen the news of the launch of 30Mb this week, which needs the new Superhub - which you should be installed with. We've been installing 20Mb users with Superhubs for some time to help future proof customers ahead of future speed uplifts and because they're cracking bits of kit :-)

    Methanoid - Well, we'll agree to disagree on some of your points but bridge mode should help you out when it's released.

    Thanks all!


  82. Alex

    Can you please confirm when Virgin will start to listen to its customers, form my reading of the forums and this blog, I can clearly see this is not the case.
    Virgin continues to force people to use the new SuperHub but as you can see now that you have many unhappy customers.
    Instead of being defensive for the superhub, I think its about time to listen to customers more.
    DSL unlike Virgin allows customers the option to use their own routers which are readily available for purchase at local shops such as PC WORLD; this was true for Virgin until you recently released the SuperHub.
    Business users who use Virgin will also be forced to use the SuperHub, now surely if the Suberhub has all theses limits such as Port Forwarding not working, then how can Virgin continue to gain new business? A pretty poor move I would say.
    I think Virgin are full of incompetent non-technical people who make the management decisions without thinking it throw properly.
    Just think of this, I would have gone for the 100Mb Package at £35.00 per month and I would say hundreds would have too if it was not for the superhub, Surely this is not a very good business move.


    This is a work around for xbox issues. I have also read you add your own router to the dmz and this improves Nat

    On a different note, I rang tech support to ask if the router supports port forwarding and was told it doesn't. I explained what it was and why it was needed but he said it doesn't. I was just ringing through to cancel and found your help.article, so you might want to feed this back to the tech support in India.

  84. This is apparently a work around for connecting a router and is said to fix xbox problems, though not sure what NAT you would get..

    As a bit of feedback, I just ordered the 50mb service, then thought I better check it supports port forwarding. I decided the best people to speak to would be tech support as they would be most likley to know. I spoke to this guy who was positive it did not. I explained what it was and why I needed it and he said no it doesnt. So I thought I would cancel. I rang through to the make changes service and said why I wanted to cancel, but as I was speaking, I found an article on your help pages that shows it does support it.
    So you either have someone employed who doesnt know what they are doing, or doesnt have access to your help and support pages to find. I know alot of call centers ban their users from internet access, but I think it would be helpful for tech support to get the info they require :)

  85. Hi Alex and others.

    I am a VM customer for a year now and upgraded to 30mbit today having ordered it the first day it was available. Previously was using the cisco cable modem alongside the excellent dir615, the dir615 was a nice little router that fitted in a tight space and great featureset. Now I am happy with the 30mbit service as docsis3 bonding removes any downstream congestion issues I had, but this is said with 100% honesty, the superhub is the worst router I have ever used and is the weak link. A lack of features on a huge device, seems designed for dummies and your comments on here seem to be saying technical customers are no longer important so you design equipment for newbies. I do not see the issue with making a basic page for newbies and then a hidden advanced page for the rest of us. Keep everyone happy. As for the bridge mode you said in 2010 its coming and now its feb 2011 with no estimated date's? Here are the specific issues I have had or know off.
    1 - flood protection is too strict and stops sites like pingtest working, reduces speeds etc. of mainstream applications.
    2 - the gui only keeps logged in for 60 seconds and then auto logs out. A ridicously low idle timeout value that cannot be configured.
    3 - I cannot ping myself from the internet, I do have ping enabled to wan ip, firewall is off, flood protection off, ping did work for about 2 hours after I started using the superhub then randomly stopped working.
    4 - No WOL support.
    5 - limited port forwarding.
    6 - the lan section which shows connected mac's is buggy, half my devices not listed.
    7 - if I use the dmz trick to have a poor man's brige mode I cannot connect to the gui of the superhub, this is a flaw as I am still in the same lan ip subnet but seems it only lets physically connected devices connect rather than on subnet.

  86. Chris - Thanks for the comments. I've passed your ideas onto the product team, who are working on the future releases for the Superhub. For what it's worth - and we appreciate the demands of the more technical customers - the Superhub is having a lower call in (fault) rate, much higher customer satisfaction and likelihood to recommend our service to other Internet users. Overall it's going down really, really well with our customers. We're working on a new firmware release and will provide some more info on the forums asap.

    Nick - Thanks for the info.

    Dave - Hi, see the comments to Chris above, and have asked the product guys to work on getting some info up on the forums on 'bridge' mode, which my contact in that team will work on when he is back in next week. I'll pick up with him when I see him in the week - it's being focused on by the project and product teams as a priority for the customers it's important to.



  87. Alex,

    I'm glad to have found this blog. It's good to know that concerns regarding the Super Hub are being worked on. I'd like to pick up on one of your recurring points - that there are fewer calls for support with the new hub.

    That hasn't been my experience.

    I've just finished a stint with TSC. Previous to the hubs most wireless calls were to do with wireless setup. When the first hub arrived wireless was a joke. Quite apart from the Atheros problem (which took WEEKS to come to our attention BTW) we had to change channel and transmission rate as a matter of course to get a wireless connection. Couple this with techs not leaving ethernet cables (still!)'s been dreadful!

    It seems to me that whilst wireless might have been a bit tricky to setup with a separate modem and router that when it was up and running it stayed up and running (that's what those CDs were for, right? Please don't bundle a third party wireless manager onto the new ones!). Now that these wonderboxes are here the wireless might work out of the box and if it does it's gonna be a bit rubbish until you turn off auto-channeling and tell it to stick at up to 145Mbps (why not 150Mbps BTW?).

    Bridge mode has been promised for ages...can you indicate if we're looking at weeks or months?

    I've recently upgraded my own broadband from 20 to 30Mbps so have to have a Superhub - my own network needs are rather modest and I don't have an Atheros adapter but am comforted by the fact that I can use the DMZ workaround. If only this solution wasn't so out of out of scope (I was OOS trained) that I could have offered it to my customers!



  88. I currently get my broadband from O2 via ADSL down my BT line.
    I've been thinking of getting Virgin Media Broadband installed for a while as my speed on ADSL is only 2.5mbps.
    I'm considering either the 30 or 50mbps service, but the thing that is putting me off are the issues people are having with the new Superhub.
    If I were to purchase a second hand 50mb modem off ebay would it be possible to use this along with my Apple Airport Extreme?.
    I know the modems are supposed to be property of Virgin Media but as VM are no longer using the 50mb for new installs I can't see them wanting it back.
    Is this possible?

  89. Hi FormerTSC - Sad to see you've left us, hope you've got something else that you're enjoying. As per the previous comment, I've seen all the stats and read a lot of the verbatims (i.e. feedback from agents and customers) and we definitely have had a significant improvement on when we had standalone cable modems and routers - and the advocacy feedback from customers (also known as NPS) shows this too. As I've said before, that's not to say there's not more things we're working on - the firmware release to enable to 'bridge' mode being the top priority. I'll discuss your other points with the product guys (much of which is over my head!) and see what more I can find out. As per my other comment we'll get some more info up on the forums ( about this ASAP.

    Anonymous - No, modems not supplied to you by Virgin Media cannot be connected to the network. The modem/router (in this case the Superhub gateway) provided to you by VM when installed is covered for replacement if needed throughout its life plus remote management etc by us. And I wouldn't be put off - generally the Superhubs are working very well and getting great feedback from customers and staff alike. We've seen a significant improvement in customer feedback and satisfaction as a result of them being rolled out. Be good to have you on board if you do decide to join us :-)



  90. Hi Alex,

    The technical skills of your subscribers are like a triangle: The more people who take up the service, the lower their technical knowledge will be. So if half the features on the SuperHub don't work, but those less technical subs don't use them, then they will report that they are happy.

    However, for the more technical, who are fewer in number but want to use the full features of the box, they are left very unhappy because those features clearly don't work properly.

    The satisfaction figures you quote may be numerically correct, but in the context of the problems being discussed here, you are asking the wrong question and drawing the wrong conclusions from the data.

    VM have done the same thing with email. Webmail is used to a greater degree by the less tech savvy and seem to be where most effort is being concentrated for market penetration. In the meantime, the somewhat more tech savvy who use email clients are being driven to distraction by the continual problems with the mail servers.

    It's a tricky business decision: Go for more market penetration and you have to make things simpler, but if you go after that market and in so doing reduce functionality and upset your more technical users in the process you are just swapping one set of issues for another.

    My feeling is that VM hasn't got that balance right yet.


  91. Hi again.

    Thanks for sending my feedback in so here is some more feedback on the ping problem.

    When I initially setup the superhub, pings to the device were working. I then configured it for my needs which meant some port forwarding for apps. Then later soon after that pings started been blocked by the superhub, as I reported earlier. After that I did the DMZ workaround so the dir615 now handles my port forwarding and disabled port forwards on the superhub, since then touch wood the pings have not been dropped, however I am not 100% sure on this yet if its fixed as I have been on this setup now for about 20 hours, so perhaps needs a bit longer. But it seems there is a link between using port forwarding and pings been dropped, so I hope that help's the dev guys.

    Finally please alex try to get an estmated date on the bridge nmode, it wwill put people at ease if they have a target date which means a lot more than we working on it. I maybe suggest if bridge mode is done but firmware delayed due to other stuff then to release with just bridge mode and do other fixes in a later release. Also I will beta test if you looking for testers.


  92. Geoff - Cheers for the comments. We do much research in a statistically significant way across all customer segments and also measure customer satisfaction using the same segments.

    Chris - Thanks for the additional info. I'll pass it onto the experts - please do post on the forums (where they live!) if you're looking for additional assistance. As per previous responses we'll get some info up on the forums on 'bridge' mode - please keep an eye on those for the latest info. if we do need any testers we'll also do it via those, where we've done firmware testing before.

  93. Hi Alex,

    I can see how you can divide your subs for statistical purposes by geographical area, type of service and equipment installed, as you know (or should know) all these things. But how do you divide them by technical ability and understanding? This is something that you can only find out by talking to them - but then how do you objectively assess their skill level?

    Empirical evidence from this thread and the forums suggest that there are numerous issues with the SuperHub and a lot of very unhappy people trying to use their email. Much of that information has come from the more tech savvy users.

    If you improve things for 20% of the less technical, but thereby upset 20% of the more technical, you will indeed see a net decrease in straight issue numbers, simply because the less tech savvy are more numerous.

    If I were the guys who did the QA and UAT on the SuperHub firmware, I'd be more than a bit red-faced right now, whatever the "stats" say.


  94. Hi,
    Looks like my BB will be installed next Thursday, not last thursday as I was led to believe. Anyway, is it possible to buy a hub outright to keep as a spare should the hired one go faulty? With my current VM package, I have my installed modem and also a spare one and PSU, to avoid down time if the modem goes faulty or if the PSU breaks. I know not many people would do this, but for me its useful to have

  95. Alex I did post on there before finding your blog but no staff replied to confirm they even read my post never mind pass my feedback on, if you can arrange for a sticky thread to be started there so people can post organised feedback then that would be great, because it otherwise gets swamped with other issues. I also can confirm the ping breakage is linked to port forwarding, it worked for 2 days, I then removed the dir615 and reverted to a default just superhub setup and within 5 minutes of adding port forward configuration I was unable to ping myself again.

  96. Hi Nick - Customers can only have one modem (well, a Superhub in this case) that will work on the network at any one time. Your other modem will be disabled from the network once the Superhub is connected. Modem failures (including PSU ones) are rare and this shouldn't be a problem.

    Hi Chris - The forums are a staff assisted self help community, and normally something like that would have been picked up on. If you can point me to your post I'll flag it to the community manager.

  97. Hi Alex,

    I've just found this page whilst trying to find out about using the Super Hub as a SACM.

    I recently upgraded my broadband to 20Mb and as I still had an old Motorola Surfboard SB3100 (that has worked flawlessly for over 10 years) I needed to get a new cable modem and a SuperHub was installed.

    However, I work from home and my work are shortly to be providing me with a new router/firewall so that I can have proper VPN access to several places. This was arranged before the 20Mb upgrade. It now seems that because I now have a SuperHub that this will be very difficult to implement properly.

    I would cancel and move to another provider, but the only way I could upgrade was by agreeing to another 12-month contract. Being unable to actually work properly for 12 months will cause rather a problem!

    Please give us a rough date for the firmware for the bridge-mode on the router. I will gladly help beta-test (I am a software engineer).

    If this is to be a long way away, will it be possible for Virgin to supply a separate cable-modem and remove the super hub?

  98. Hi Alex.

    The thread is here, as I said if there is a orgnaised way to provide feedback I have no problem with doing it via those channels.


  99. Hi,
    Sorry, I understand the superhub replaces the modem. What I mean is, can I purchase a Superhub to keep as an unused spare should my other hub go faulty to avoid downtime whilst the replacement is sent ? Or, put another way, can I buy a hub outright ?

  100. Hi Neil - The Superhub is the modem/gateway we're now using for all the higher tiers. As per previous responses the product guys are going to get an update about 'bridge' mode up on the help & support forums - please keep an eye out there for the latest news. That's also where any firmware trials tend to get announced, so if we did one for this mode it'd be up there.

    Chris - Thanks, I'll flag to the forum manager.

    Nick - No, you can't purchase a Superhub (in the same way you can't purchase a modem) as a spare and have it enabled on the network. The Superhubs remain the property of VM (and you get free servicing of it if any problems happen) and only one modem is enabled on any customer account at any one time.

  101. Ok so my hub turned up today and all I can say is what a crock of ****. Are Virgin intentionally trying to take the p**s or what?

    This so called 'Superhub', is a thing of the past; theirs nothing SUPER about it!

    The piece of crap doesn't even have DDNS, yet even manufacturers of IP Cameras, Network Digital Video Recorders, every other manufactures router devices, Network Attached Storage manufacturers and even home and fire alarm manufactures have implemented DDNS in to their equipment.

    Virgin Media, AKA one of the UK's largest Internet Service Providers; has taken it upon themselves in a desperate attempt to cash in on the development of their own branded piece of useless ornamental waste of space crap and idea which was obviously thought up by a monkey in their marketing department who never used a computer before and developed by the lowest bidder in the back streets of Beijing.

    They turned up today ripped out my good equipment, told me they were upgrading me and that I was going to love it when I get home from work, the miss calls me and tells me they've done it, they've completed the install.

    So whilst at work I tried to log in to my DDNS account only to find I couldn't. Not only did they not notify me of change and lack of function, they also never re-addressed the dhcp server on the router to a range that 12 other devices in my property utilise.

    They never checked my previous routers Port forwarding configuration, my mac address filtering, my existing WIFI SSID's and Encryption (even though I left all log in details and passwords).

    They just took the ******* p*** messed up all me equipment, they never put me Velcro cable tidies back, which would of took all of 30 seconds.

    All they did was come out to my property, gave me a down grade of equipment in a flashy finish wrecked the joint and then vanished.

    To add insult to injury I'm only getting 27 meg on a 50mb service, and my upstream is a joke too.

    I hate Virgin, I really do and I can say that as I too use to work for them over their in leatherhead back in the day, but I gave up as they are all backwards I swear. They're are one of the worst companies ever.

    How can a company that ****s over so many people define themselves as VIRGIN? Go Figure!!!!

    This router is going back to them and I'm cancelling my service, lucky for me I still have a BT line.



    Stick to what you know, monopolising the cable network infer-structure, hiking customers bills, signing customers in to contracts without even making the aware, employing useless un-skilled and un-qualified cowboy engineers, employing two bob software developers and absolutely every chav you can find for your customer service.

    Stick to selling out vasts amounts of UK jobs to india too (You ****ers)

    Did I mention this router doesn't have DDNS?

  102. Hi Michael

    Hope you're having a great evening already and thanks for taking the time to give us your feedback. It really is much appreciated.

    Our installers will set up a customer with a Superhub, but it's not in their remit (nor is it something that they are trained on) to re-configure your home network. What they will do is get the Superhub up and running and connected to the network with a PC connected to it wirelessly, and there are details left with the Superhub on credentials to connect other devices (it's on a sticker on the device itself).

    For the more complex network configurations, we offer a Digital Home Support service (details on the website if interested) for assistance beyond the scope of our technical support service - which is beyond the support scope of many other ISPs by the way.

    On the Dynamic DNS point, this is not currently built into the Superhubs but is something we are looking into for a potential future release. You can, of course, still use Dynamic DNS clients on individual PCs without any issues.

    It's not something I'm a huge expert on, but the man who is says:

    "You can still use Dynamic DNS - just you will need to manage it on the Dyndns website providers site. The reason he couldn't access with Dyndns anyway was because his IP address has now changed with the installation of the Superhub onto the overlay network - he needs to just change this on the providers site and it should all work fine."

    Hope that helps a bit.

    Am happy to get an install complaint raised for the other items you're not satisfied about if you want to send me another comment with some account details and a contact number (alternately you can e-mail these through to the Twitter team - contact details available via our Twitter page at I'll get this raised for you. Please include as much info as possible so we can get it sorted for you as soon as possible. Don't worry - I _won't_ approve the comment for publication with your account details on it.

    For info we're going to get a thread running on the help & support forums for Superhub news and suggested product enhancements in the near future and you're encouraged to comment on it there - where there's people who can help quicker and more knowledgeably than me ... as I have to ask the same experts myself, not being a wireless guru as it sounds like you are :-)

    Have a good evening.


  103. I have to say a polite helpful response from Alex to what can only be called trolling. I don't understand how if this guy hates Virgin so much how he continues to be a customer, have the top package for internet (until 100 meg is there). I am sure he should go to BT oh wait they have a hub as well don't they?

  104. Well my service gets installed tomorrow :) looking forward to configuring my network again (I studied networking, so I REALLY am looking forward to that) and messing about with the router config management etc.
    I am getting the 50meg service, and I have heard mixed results about it, but, working in a call centre and reading blogs, you only really ever hear the bad stuff - people are happy to tell you how much they hate stuff but, in 6 years of various contracts, Ive had maybe 4 people call up just to say thanks, not to discuss anything else (and no I dont work for Virgin).
    Anyway, I have heard the speed can vary it some areas, and just wanted to know, if the speed was below say 35 megs, would Virgin let me drop to 30 and would there be an activation charge or anything as they said there is a £30 activation charge for 30meg but none for 50 megs ?


    The previous questions about spare routers, is just a networking thing I have learnt that is very useful - redundancy (always have a backup)

  105. Hi Alex,

    You are to be congratulated on your restrained and helpful response to "Michael". I've always found that, even if you have a legitimate grievance, ranting - especially at someone who is not directly responsible for the issue in question - is not a good way to get people on your side to obtain resolution.

    I would not expect any installation engineer to re-configure my LAN side network, nor would I expect them to replace cable ties - even if they were Velcro!

    Michael does have some valid points (like the lack of DDNS automatic update), but there are better and more productive ways of making them.



    PS: Managing the DDNS via the providers website (i.e. manually changing the URL to IP setting) is not the answer, as it can't be done if the IP changes when you are not at home as you can't tell what the new IP is remotely! Yes a DDNS client on a PC that runs 24x7 will work, but the router having a built-in updater is by far the best method. Can't understand why this was not included as it's in virtually all other Netgear products - unless of course it was deliberatley removed to avoid confusing the non-technical... Doh!

  106. It would be helpful if the customer had access to the signal level page:
    without the need to log in, so that an automated script could be used to monitor levels, without the need to log in. With the old Motorola, for example, I could plot:


  107. Thanks for the comments guys.

    Nick - Hi, yes broadband speeds can vary due to a plethora of factors but in the vast majority of cases customers on our network get 90%+ of the headline speeds (as shown by the SamKnows benchmarking - see If you do have any problems though do let the technical support guys know and they'll be able to help. Enjoy your install today :-)

    Geoff - Thanks, we're looking into this specific bit of feedback along with others. As you probably guessed much of it's over my head, but the experts say that they're on the case and investigating.

    David - We're going to get a 'suggestions' thread up and running on the forums, be good to add any ideas you have to that. If you're the same David I think, hi and long time no speak :-)


  108. Hi,

    I'm thinking about upgrading to the superhub/30Meg service but need to check on the issues with VPNs.

    I sometimes use citrix to login secure internet access at my work. This is via logging into a webpage and then the citrix client on my mac communicates with my work citrix server.

    Will the superhub VPN problems prevent this from working?


  109. We also use CITRIX and it's been absolutely fine for me for several weeks (months) on the Superhub with no issues when I have been working from home - using the same system as you by the sounds of it. Do put up a message on the forums if you have any problems :)


  110. Yes, Alex, it is David from Edinburgh. I've missed meaningful conversations with the experts since the newsgroups went away.

    Now trying to work round the lack of SNMP and the login interface on the Superhub so that I can keep an eye on things.


  111. Hi Alex
    I use the OpenDNS service to protect my kids from some of the perils of the internet.
    My new 'Superhub' however will not allow me to specify alternate DNS!
    Do you know if this can be done with a static DNS or if there is a firmware update due to allow what is an entry level requirement?

  112. I have upgraded to the Virgin 50Mbps and was surprised when the SuperHub turned-out to be a combined modem/router. I would have preferred separate devices as I already have an existing router/network that works well. If Virgin are going to insist on a combined device why not one were you can switch it to modem only mode. It strikes me that this is just lazy re-branding of a Netgear product.

  113. I've been searching and searching for an answer and not even Virgin Tech Support seem to help me, but this is the last try I might add to get my 50mb connection running at around 50mb (anything about 40mb im happy with)

    I've been speaking to customer services and they haven't explained anything but just logged an engineer to come to my house to sort my problem out, but didn't seem confident to even suggest what the problem could be, or convince me that the problem will be sorted out.

    I have the Super hub and the DLink Wireless "N" usb adaptor which was provided by Virgin. My Super hub is downstairs and my main computer is up stairs, so wireless is the only way to go. I only can download at around 2.5-3MB a Second (seems to be about 25mb). I have tried the wired option but this doesn't improve things all that well either. (goes up to around 28-30mb)

    I cant enable the 5.0Ghz signal, as I loose all connection and cannot access the internet until I revert back to the 2.4ghz option. (Though I will add, that my wireless speeds in the Win Network Wireless Manager goes from 54Mbps to 260-300Mbps{Speeds improve to 28-30} - But its set in the router to 2.4ghz and when I restart the computer etc, it reverts back down to 54mbps.

    I've been speaking to a few people in my work who have Virgin Media, and they have the exact same problems, and have reverted back to a different supplier to achieve better speeds, steadier and more steady connections and more trained technical support personnel, now I just need someone to explain how to optimise my super hub to achieve 40mbs speeds (maybe enable my n adaptor to actually achieve this speed) and keep the connections of other older spec laptops (wireless g) - I have turned off IP Flooding and Some other firewall setting which seem to be the "standard"/"main" fix.. (which hasn't improved speeds, just improved the stability of viewing WebPages)

    Ohhhh, and to add, ive also change wireless channel to no avail...

    Hope this makes sense, and im ripping my own hair out just to try and avoid the whole cancellation process or throw the hub through the window.
    Kind Regards

  114. Hi Scott

    I think this is something that the 'bridge' mode will assist with when it is ready - more info on that and on the testing of it can be found on the help and support forums - where there's also a thread to propose any suggestions on improvements:


    Hi David - See the above and the other responses on the 'bridge' mode. Thanks.

    Jamie - Hi, sorry about the experience you've reported. Can you send me a message (i.e. as another blog posting, don't worry I won't approve it) with some details on your account and we'll get someone in touch to discuss with you direct?

    Many thanks


  115. I've added my comment about the "open" signal level page to the new SuperHub-Features-Feedback-Thread.

    David, Edinburgh

  116. I have had the super hub installed last Saturday which was the upgrade from 20M to 30M. The hub is rubbish. I have a desk top, wifi printer and laptop. The desk top and printer would not connect to the hub and the laptop had very poor signal quality. Only when the laptop was next to the hub I get excellent and 54Mb performance. An engineer turned up today and put in a 15ohm actuator because the voltage was too high or something. Still the wifi is useless and the link keeps dropping ever 15-30 mins. It’s a right pain when you have a VPN connection running. Oh and the Virgin tech team is no help as they believe the wifi part of the service is up to the customer to fix. The Virgin FE even told me that the wifi part of the hub was rubbish and I should wait for the next firmware upgrade.

  117. Hi Anonymous - can you please post some info on the help & support forums ( and the team will pick this up and investigate further?

    Many thanks


  118. Last I saw, the bridge mode is not going to be available until May (at least).

    I have just purchased and configured a firewall/router for a family member who was going to be a new VM cable customer, I now find that their network configuration will be unusable for three months.

    Is there any alternative other than sign up with a competitor of yours?

  119. I have a little office at the back of my house; my Superhub is behind the TV in the front room. My last VM modem / Trendnet wifi router easily threw the signal right around the house no problems.
    I take up the offer for 50mb and the Superhub sends a signal so weak to my office, it takes a couple of minutes just to refresh my email folder.
    They took a week to get here to stick this useless brick in but I have to wait nearly three weeks to have my old modem put back in. I would gladly pay the money for the faster net but this thing doesn't work unless its in the same room as your intended device. Avoid until the bridge model comes out.

  120. Hi, had my superhub today. Disabled the wireless. Plugged in my DIR615 instead as router.
    Works like a charm. Straight away. No probs. NAS, Printer, all laptops and desktops connecting as before. Have to say I was worried by all the negative comments, but no fear. All has gone well and on testing, getting just over 30mb. Happy days. Greg

  121. Anonymous (1!) - Any customers joining on the higher broadband tiers are now installed with Superhubs, and as you say bridge mode will be available in a few months as per the forums. I see a few people on there have come up with their own solution in the interim (and as per other blog comments on this posting), but that's not something our technical support guys would be able to help with.

  122. I'm not 100% I understand the problems people are having either :(

    My Superhub was installed yesterday along with my Tivo and 30M broadband. I'd been using a D-link DIR-855 as my router / wireless access point, and planned to continue to do the same.

    All I had to do to get it working as before was:

    - change the Superhub's IP address to (because my LAN is all 192.168.0.x)
    - confirm that the Superhub is set as a DHCP server, and that it'll allocate the DIR-855 WAN port a 192.168.1.x address
    - disable wireless on the Superhub
    - unplug my old ADSL router from the DIR-855 WAN port, and plug it into one of the Superhub ports instead
    - finally, remember to reset the QoS settings on the DIR-855 in order to achieve maximum throughput.

    I now get a 30 Mbps internet connection through my existing wireless router, all my devices retain their old (reserved) IP addresses and it seems to all work fine.

    I'm not using any games consoles or hosting any services, though. Maybe these are the problem areas, but for my purposes the Superhub seems fine.

  123. Hi, as per a previous comment got the superhub last thursday for the 20to30meg upgrade, I was a bit worried regarding the issues, but have to say when I installed it yesterday the process went smoothly and I have great speed, I have connected my own router up to the hub, I don't see this as a workaround as it is possible to hook routers together anyway, it will be nice to have the new firmware however, I do think this was an oversight on VM's part but mistakes happen. I can't find the link now but I know detailed instructions on connecting your own router are on the customer forum plus I did find good instructions at
    Also Alex a quick question the kids and I play lan games I am assuming that it is OK to turn the Superhub on and off a few times a day I prefer to keep my network isolated when not actively using the web, the switch on the hub seems a bit flimsy so no probs turning off at mains?

  124. I have to admit I was just about to pull the trigger on an upgrade to 50Mb from my current 20Mb setup but after seeing the sea of problem reports on the Superhub and the extremely poor response from Virgin that particular project is now on hold indefinately.

    Really don't understand why Virgin has gone the integrated route exclusively. I've invested quite heavily in my network infrastructure to ensure both a quick and secure service within my home and have no desire to add another hub to that setup. Why not provide a modem option to those that request it, especially as the superhub clearly has some serious issues right now.

  125. Thanks for the response.

    I' cynical/been bitten enough to never trust future functionality or feature promises and besides I need service in March, not May.

    Full port forwarding onto a 'DMZ' port is not equivalent to bridging.

    I really can't understand VM's decision to abandon a product without offering an equivalent option other than 'go elsewhere'.

    it's sad as for ten years or so I have never had any significant problems with data transit on NTL or VM (but have admittedly avaoided the rest of your infrastructure). I didn't expect to be forced to look at other providers.

  126. Hi Anonymous (from the 19th!) - it should be OK to switch off at the mains, and I'll pass on your feedback.



  127. Hi Alex
    I am a BT customer but the roll out of fibre optic in our area won't be for some time, so I am thinking of changing to Virgin at 30mb, as I am desperate for more speed. However, I currently have all my music on an external USB hard drive that connects to my existing Netgear modem/router DGN 2200. I stream my music wirelessly, via Airport Expresses connected to the music speakers. I am not sure how I would configure this in a Virgin scenario. Can you explain this to me, as I don't want to take the plunge unless I am sure my major need is met. Thank you.

  128. Hi Sarah - To be honest, you're already a lot more demanding than me in terms of my use of wireless :)

    I suggest posting on the help & support forums ( with some details on how you have set things up and the experts over there can give you some thoughts.



  129. Oh my :((

    The retentions guy said the engineer will be able to tell me how to turn it off and use my own router, hummmm, seems the only option is to use the blasted thing and DMZ a line off, leading potentially to double natting woes. No, enough is enough.

    Im currently on the 20meg service and on hold with a 50 meg/TV/Phone recontract offer while I cancel my 2 non VM services and come back to you....I'm SO glad I checked out what this (not very) super hub is all about. I dont want it. Sorry.

    I want choice, not flannel about how this is now the only option because the average joe soap cant cope with anything more than plugging in a cable to an appropriately sized hole.

    I count myself as one of the small (large Alex, really) group of people that have their own network established. All I need is a reliable end point that supplies what you say you can supply in my area and by imposing this fail* hub solution on us you have removed yourself from my upgrade options for the forseeable future.

    As for bridge mode, no thats not a satisfactory solution, that still adds unnecessary equipment in the chain. Fact is, if you can source a piece of kit like that through a B2B partnership then you can certainly co supply a modem only option. Do Netgear make 2011 grade cable modems? I think youll find they do.

    This operates on 2 levels to me: Not only are you basically saying that everyone with money invested in network equiptment has wasted it if they want to upgrade to a faster line, youre also expecting us to spend the time it takes to set it all up anew, and learn to maintain it, when what we have is perfectly acceptable. And whats this about no QoS? You may sit there on your statistical high horse and say few need it, but that just shows how you cant force every consumer into the same box. I want a little QoS, thats all, and your lack of vision about how we collect to your upper tier services means I now cannot use them you until things change

    I was looking forward to 50 too. Ill review my choice again when we can see exactly what is involved in 'bridge mode' because if its just another cludge and not a pure modem only option then you can keep it till you can sort that out.

    *sorry about the yoof speak, but really it is a fail solution for what seems to be more than just the few isolated cases that these mythical statistics seem to suggest.

  130. Thanks for the comments and the thoughts on additional requirements. I'll pass them onto the team working on Superhub enhancements, and you can also discuss with them direct on the forums if interested:




  131. Hi everyone
    I've been all over looking for a solution for my problem with the superhub. And you guys look like you know what you are talking about. :)

    I upgraded to 30 meg last week, and since then my main desktop PC ( windows 7 ) will not connect to the Internet, Although I have other machines XP and Vista which will.

    First of all wired, connected to the Internet, but very quickly dropped the connection. A call to the helpline was not very helpful, they said it was my PC, which would be strange considering the same PC was connected to the Internet just the day before on the modem.

    I then went and bought myself a PCI adaptor and fitted it into the windows 7 machine and tried it wirelessly. It now says I'm connected to Virginmedia, and I have 5 bar strength signal, but still I am not connected to the Internet.

    Another call to the helpline
    The reply was the same..It's your PC

    Any help appreciated

  132. Virgin finally admit to problems:

  133. I have had several engineers visits and I am due one again on Monday. It seems that one of the problems with peoples Superhubs is that the engineers just dont set the power levels to within the stated tolerance levels. I am an engineer and this would seem to be a very basic requirement of installers. Having fixed my upstream power levels by calling out the network team nobody called back to the house to measure the levels. Whatever adjustment they made then turned my within tolerance downstream power levels to very high. Your engineers are surely trained to deal with these issues.
    I am so wanting not to be a disgruntled customer, but a five minute maximum vist time does not lead to customer satisfaction.

  134. Hi Guys, sorry for the delay in approving these as had a few days off.

    Col - Suggest posting something up in the help & support forums and the gurus over there (who know a lot more than me!) will be able to help you out I'm sure!

    Ian - Difficult for us to comment on this one really without having all the details to hand. Can you put something up on the forums post Monday if you're still having problems and the experts there can look into it further?



  135. anyone with connection errors on websites, try this :
    Click Start =>Run, type in CMD, press OK.
    Copy and paste this into the Command prompt:
    netsh winsock reset catalog
    Press Enter
    Then copy and paste this in:
    netsh int ip reset reset.log
    Press Enter.
    When finished restart your computer.
    If you have win7 or vista you need to run cmd from admin mode (ctrl,shift, then enter)
    If you set static ip you need to reassign when it reloads in your network connections, ipv4

    It worked fine for me after that
    the forum post is by girl2010..

    I assume this will fix any similar problem in any browser.
    My pc did not do this until I upgraded to 50meg. I also unticked the ip flood. It has been fine since.
    Alex, if you want to post this in the help & support forum, feel free. I wont, I posted some help and just got abuse cos it didnt work and I didnt read the guys previous posts (which were on different areas i assume). I dont work for Vurgin. Im a customer too so dont need the headache lol

  136. To be honest, I agree with Micheal, Virgin really don't care about their customers, just the money they can scrape of them while Branson suns himself with the proceeds, absolute disgrace for a company, should all be jailed : (

  137. Hi, I upgraded from the 20MB to the 50Mb with the new super hub.
    Well what can I say what a complete waste of time.
    Very poor customer service. Has any one been trained, or do they just read from a script on a screen.
    I’m so angry at this peace of crap you are now pushing on us. Wish I had stayed with the separate modem.
    At least I had the choice of routers that are capable of doing the job required.
    Very dissatisfied soon to be ex customer if the engineer fails to fix on Thursday.
    That’s if he turns up this time I like waiting in all afternoon for no one to show and no phone call.
    Good job I have nothing better to do with my life. (Spot the sarcasm)

  138. Hi Laserboy - Do please put up a post in the help & support forums if you have any more problems:




  139. For you advanced users you can put the super hub into bridged mode but you need to do it through the command line.

  140. the super hub is junk!
    poor and patchy network coverage and inconstant SNMP results through ongoing testing, dropping packets to the default gateway and to Google's public DNS, experiencing about a 20% loss in packets.

    Huge issues with SIP and VoIP running through the hub, this is something i have experienced with all Netgear based routing equipment, the ISP i work with no longer recommend Netgear based equipment if you are using SIP or VoIP. This has been tested and confirmed using a lot of Netgear based equipment.

    The Hub should be scrapped as the Netgear firmware and hardware is inconsistent and chip-sets change with almost all production runs without any alteration to model numbers/revisions.

    Change the provider of the router to one that has a better reputation for solid usable kit that does what people want. All Linksys/Cisco kit i work with works with out any issue, all Thomson/Technicolor Kit i work with does the same.

    Go back to providing modems as a basic solution with the option of having a Virgin provided Dual Band wireless router that is up to the job, costing the same as what the superhub costs, this would give all customers a good service. and allow those that want to use more high spec kit on their network.

    The SuperHub is JUNK!

  141. Hi Andy - Sorry you've been having issues.

    You don't say whether you've posted anything about your specific issues on the forums, but there's a new firmware release due next month which enables modem mode - suggest keeping an eye on the forums if you want to be a trialist of it and feedback on any further issues.

    More info here:


    Best to raise any feedback with the forum team direct as they know much more about this kit than I do ;-)



  142. After being a long standing VM customer, I can officially say I've lost all faith, for a company of its size, I feel a little more than let down...

  143. Hi - You've not given any specifics on what your issue is ... if you can post something up on the forums ( the guys there should be able to help with anything.

  144. Some 6 months into the SH's life, Bridge Mode still isn't released although it's on selective trial. My problem with the whole thing is that the customer was not properly taken into account when this device was launched.

    There is no doubt that VM faces stiff competition and this squeezes broadband prices, hence the need to minimise costs and thus we see the SH with its reduced facility set and no bridge mode.

    It surely can't be hard for a trading company to offer a paid-for device, like a DOCSIS 3 cable modem that has been tested and is supportable. Choice is a basic tenet of providing a good customer experience.

    Now it's leaking out the VM intends switching brand for a "better" Superhub. By all means do that, but please be alive to the matter of choice that I have proposed.

  145. Sorry for the delay in approving messages - been busy and didn't get alerts!

    Sephiroth - Understand your view but to say customers have not been considered is a bit harsh. We've seen a significant improvement (in terms of calls, advocacy and other measures) as a result of the Superhub being introduced but aware we do need to make enhancements which are being worked on. Think you're active on the forums ... best place for the latest news.

    Vin [Non published commenter] - You included your e-mail address in the body of your post, so not sure if you want this published or not. if you can advise I'll action.

  146. Hi Alex,

    Sephiroth is indeed active (and helpful) on the Forums and has made a very good point.

    VM has made a classic error in moving to an all-in-one modem/router with many of the advanced features removed in an attempt to avoid confusing those who are not expert (and so have tended in the past to raise more issues and hence been more visible to Customer Services).

    Firstly, in removing those advanced features they have upset the more technical users who were capable of using them and now rightly complain about their absence.

    Secondly, due to a poor implementation, they have suceeded in also upsetting both technical AND non-technical users who find that the new combined device just doesn't work properly in several important respects.

    My guess is that in attempting to remove some of the advanced features of the standard Netgear firmware, chunks of code were cut out with insufficient care and testing, resulting in several undesired consequences.

    If VM is planning to move to another (different) vendor, then they will simply repeat the problems unless better coding and testing is carried out.

    Also, if VM is going to insist on favouring the less technical user with "simplified" kit to keep them happy, then they also need to remember the more techical end of their customer base who do need the advanced features and are rightly fed-up with being promised bridge-mode (so that they could use their own router) for the last 6 months and which has still not been released.

    I agree with Sephiroth: By all means have a "simplified" combined device for the less technical, but lets also have the option of a solid cable modem to which the more technical can connect their own router, which can be as simple or as comprehensive as they need.


  147. Hi Alex,

    In the last few months I updated to the "SuperHub" and, actually, compared to most (on the forums at least) I have been very happy.

    My major gripe was when the firewall/IP Flood Detection was crippling basic web browsing (closing down UDP affecting DNS). The biggest issue was although it was all over your forums your tech support team seemed to know nothing about it. For once in my life I thought the quickest way to get this new piece of kit working might be to speak to "the experts". I spent literally hours speaking to several people in India and UK and they were all mystified and gave up - sending me a replacement router assuming the first must be broken. But, within minutes of finally coming off the phone, I found the forum, disabled IP Flood Detection (and firewall for good measure) and all was fixed.

    You might also be interested/amused that I then immediately called support to tell them to cancel the replacement to be told there was no way to do it and no way to arrange collection either. So, now, at there suggestion I am just keeping a spare Superhub in my cellar - "in case I ever need it"

    I realise this problem was fixed in R26, but still i thought the support experience worth re-telling.

    "Now it's leaking out the VM intends switching brand for a "better" Superhub. By all means do that, but please be alive to the matter of choice that I have proposed."

    This has me worried! I now have a Vodafone Sure Signal and want some QoS. Although I realise that times do move on I sure hope that, instead of upgrading your "future-proofed" SuperHub you do not switch suppliers within a few months. This would leave those of us who upgraded in the last few months mighty peeved. I sure hope, if you do feel the need to do this, you will have an "enlightened" (free!) upgrade policy for (as you have noted) the relative few of us that have "SuperHub v1" and need these advanced features!


  148. Hi Alex
    I got the vm superhub 3 weeks ago, and have had nothing but problems, 6 virgin media techs, have visited me, to try and rectify, plus one for a re-pull
    The superhub just loses the connection, and in the status says, access denied, and no ip address,
    Please help[

  149. Hi - The symptoms you're mentioning would suggest that an engineer would need to fix it so odd that they've not been able to. Can you put a post up on the forums or contact the social media customer care team (contact details at and they'll be able to get this sorted for you? Thanks.

  150. I am nervously staring at my newly delivered Superhub and am seriously worried about swapping over having read what has gone on before. I recently upgraded my router to a WNR3500L as I was having problems with some of my work applications and it seems the router was the weakest link. The performance since has been great. I got a call at the weekend offering to up my broadband to 30M while cutting my bills so it seemed a no brainer but it looks like I'm going to go back to where I was or worse as the wifi performance is nowhere near as good and if that is the case I am screwed?? I have read in this forum that some people have successfully used their own router through some jiggery pokery but is this a VM recognised option.

  151. Hi - The WiFi performance is being significantly improved with the new firmware release. If you'd like to get on the trial for that, the place to sign up is on the forums - thanks.

    Sorry for being slow to approve the comment, it didn't appear on the moderation interface for me for some reason.

  152. John in December 2010 posted a comment about using a Netgear 614v9 as an extender to his 'not so' super hub. I am trying to do the same and have managed to get a network up and running from the Netgear (different SSID) but even though i've added the MAC address of the Superhub into the right boxes to work as a repeater in the setup of the netgear it doesn't seem to be connecting to the internet through the super hub and therefore won't give me internet access when connected to the Netgear, (hope that all makes sense!)

    Is anyone (and in particular John above) able to give me some step by step guide??? - much appreciated, Colin

  153. Hi Colin - Sorry for the delayed response in approving the post, it didn't show up in the web interface for me! I'd suggest wandering over to the help & support forums [] and posting in the Wireless forums where the experts hang out.

    Hope this helps.