Wednesday, October 13, 2010


A service improvement initiative our networks and change teams have been working on rolling out is something called Advanced Spectrum Management or ASM for short.

ASM is intelligence within our access network (well it sits at the bridge between the access and IP networks) that identifies problems that would otherwise result in customer affecting outages, and by flicking a clever switch in the background ensures that customers maintain service while we get working on fixing the root cause of the problem.

Any particularly tecchie people out there might want to read up more about what it is and what it does on the Cisco website here.

Many outages have been prevented as a result of the rollout of ASM, which recently completed and is showing to be a great success in terms of keeping our customers’ broadband and interactive/VoD services connected when things do go wrong on the network that need to be addressed.

So how well has it actually done? Well thankfully (for people like me), I've been sent a presentation on it that distils the oodles of technical detail that I know is behind this into a high level summary – and I think the graph below of tickets (faults) raised speaks for itself:
[Click on the image for a larger version, scale removed as it’s commercially sensitive]

ASM is helping our networks team do a better job and ensuring less customers are affected when we do have problems and also helping us focus on areas where further attention is needed to improve things even more in future, so overall it’s been a great job well done by all.

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