Monday, September 20, 2010

Presentation to Institute of Customer Service

I've been asked by the Institute of Customer Service to do a presentation in Birmingham tomorrow about how Virgin Media is using social media for customer service, and the slides can be found below (hosted at SlideShare) if you're interested:
Thanks to all those who've helped out with information, especially our wonderful media relations and Twitter teams!


  1. Hi Alex,

    Very interesting presentation. I hope it went down well.

    One way of interpreting the presentation is that you are likely to attention quicker if you moan on Twitter than if you use the more normal channels (i.e. call centre – where you get put through to some script-jockey in India who asks you if you have your router plugged-in; or in the forums where you will get plenty of support from other similarly affected users, but where it can take a day or more to get the attention of the forum team.

    VM seem to have decided that Twitter is where it’s at… possibly at the expense of their own systems – which is a bit worrying. It’s not the best of reasons for joining Twitter either.



  2. Hi Geoff

    Well it's done, hopefully it did - it seemed so :)

    Actually if you post via Twitter we do take it into an existing channel with the customer care team resolving any issues, it's just a different route in.



  3. Hi Alex,

    "It's just a different route in..."

    That may well be so, but the implication from the presentation is that it will be dealt with directly by the team in the UK and any resulting emails will be responded to within an hour.

    That's a better response than you can get in the Forums and it would appear that you are also less likely to be asked if you have your router plugged in by someone reading from a script.

    Rule 1: Always establish the level of knowledge of the customer before you start. That way you avoid confusing the less experienced with jargon, but you also avoid treating the experienced like simpletons ;-)



  4. Hi Geoff

    This is where they are slightly different audiences.

    The help & support forums are more about peer to peer help with us assisting as needed whereas the Twitter inquiries tend to be more account specific issues that are dealt with similar to how a call would be (well that's how I see it anyways).

    In many cases (e.g. the examples you quote) the Tweam will engage the technical support guys anyway so it is just a different route into the same channel.

    I do think they're different things with different audiences and purposes, but do see where you're coming from.

    I also think we're clear in setting expectations but any feedback to improve further is always appreciated - feel free to drop me a line with specifics if you have any, my e-mail address is in the presentation!