Friday, August 13, 2010

A funny thing happened on the way to the office

If today, being Friday the 13th is the day where unlucky and weird things happen – it'd take some topping of my trip to work yesterday.

I got on the bus at 745am to see a jaw dropping sight.

On the bus there was man dressed in a very smart business suit (which I can only liken to the sort that vendors always wear when they're in trying to sell you something) with impeccable hair and shoes – who must have been in his early 30s and had his Bluetooth headset in with a very expensive laptop sat on top of his brief case.

So what's odd about that? Also on top of his briefcase was an open one of these he was drinking:This is not something you expect to see before 8 in the morning. Were I less stunned I’d have got a picture on my camera phone, but it does make me wonder what meeting he was off to that would result in such a thing happening at that time of day?

Overall it was quite an odd day with running into a man walking a ferret down Long Acre in London too (am told this isn’t actually that unusual, but it looked very strange to me) – but what’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen on your way into the office?

Today I walked to the station.


  1. Hi Alex,

    Leaving aside the obvious (i.e. the guy has a drink problem), it could have been that he was travelling 1st Class on the new Virgin CommuterBus service to the City. However, that is unlikely as, even if there was such a thing as a Virgin CommuterBus service, they'd be very unlikely to let their own staff (i.e. your good self) travel 1st Class ;-)

    Alternatively, he could have been consoling himself, having just been made redundant - like I was last week :-(

    Then again, he could have been consoling himself after trying to use his Virgin SMTP/POP3 email and finding it down again - like it has been all day today...

    Cynic... who, me?

  2. Sorry to hear that Geoff, hope you get something lined up soon.

    The guys are working on a hardware problem at the moment, know it's not good so apologies for that.

    Good luck!


  3. Hi Alex,

    Oddly enough I work (at least until the end of the month, I do) for a company that supplies Techology Support software to major broadband ISP's - but not Virgin, for some reason.

    In my current situation, it's really important that I have a working email account for sending CV's and the like to apply for jobs. Today, your esteemed employer has been doing it's best to stop me from doing that.

    I'm not a Special Brew type (more a Theakstons Old Peculier), but right now, I'm sorely tempted...

  4. Hi Geoff - As I say the guys are working on fixing this right now. Cheers