Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Eircom "intimidating" customers on Twitter

This all sounds very familiar - Irish telco Eircom have been alleged to be "intimidating" users on Twitter by replying to them when they post problems they are having with them in the public domain on the site.

Like when providers in the UK were accused of "spying" on users last week, the story comes in The Mail on Sunday, although this time it's the Irish edition - and the story can be found over at Stephen Beynon's Posterous (declaration - Stephen runs the consumer division at Eircom and I know him well from when he used to run the business division at Virgin Media).

This particularly made me smile:I really can't see how that has any relevance at all to be honest.

There's an excellent blog about the story here and Eircom's Twitter feed can be found here. They appear to be doing good work, so keep it up guys!


  1. Well, I'm happy to be "itimidated" by VirginMedia - it seems to be the only way to get decent support!

    Call centres - nightmare. Twitter team - fantastic....

  2. Anything I can help with Darren?