Sunday, May 9, 2010

Twitter Cull

Yesterday I did a cull of my followers on Twitter as well as those I was following, using the following criteria:
  1. Spam accounts - most of which are pretty obvious
  2. Those who only tweet from automated services (and are hence not 'active' in my mind) such as those terrible Twittascope horoscopes and people telling me how far they've run today
  3. Those who have never tweeted
  4. Those who have not tweeted for >6 months
  5. People who don't engage with others (including engaging with me!) on Twitter
And the results were significant - I purged 519 followers, hopefully not getting anyone I didn't mean to but I did try to err on the side of caution:
[Graph from TwitterCounter - see here]

With Twitter having got a lot better at dealing with spam hopefully it won't be too much work to keep on top of followers in future, although I'm having to make a resolution to review & decide as new followers come in from now on.

In the end I only ended up stopping to follow 45 accounts, as I have tended to keep up housekeeping on that on an ongoing basis.

Does it show that I'm having a long weekend and off 'til Tuesday?

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