Friday, March 26, 2010

Surrealness … and what's your claim to fame?

Yesterday I made a whistlestop trip to our offices in Birmingham to catch up with Mala the retentions reporting legend and it's fair to say my train journey back to Euston was eventful.

First for the surreal bit.

As I had to get back to London for 5 I dashed to get an earlier train back from Birmingham International, which I'd mentioned on Twitter – where one of the people I 'follow' is Craig, a Virgin Trains driver, who'd 'tweeted' a few minutes earlier that he was driving a train from Birmingham to London yesterday.

It turns out that Craig was the driver of my train!

Proof was of course needed, so here's a picture of the train arriving at the station as Craig was waving to me:Does this make me a trainspotter?

So I got onto the train and then came my claim to fame.

Wandering to my seat I saw someone who looked familiar, and it turns out it was none other than musician Paul Weller – who is now the third entry on my list of celebs I have been on Virgin Trains with (the others being Elvis Costello and David Moyes).

Just before we arrived at Euston Paul went to the gents and tripped over my size 13 feet - well, stumbled rather than tripped, so I didn't cause any cancelled gigs or anything!

Back to being surreal, Paul is of course well known for being from Woking … where I was travelling back to.

I didn't see him getting off the train though, so I can't comment on whether he was going underground :-)

What's your claim to fame?


  1. I once sat the row behind Linford Christie on a British Airways flight from London Heathrow to Newcastle. I got his autograph on a postcard with his photo on it, it was just after he won his Olympic Gold.

    On the same flight route I also spotted Cowell, Walsh, Osborne, Cowell et al from X Factor after they'd done their auditions....seen Pat Cash, Steve Cram and Ralph Little on there's all happening in Newcastle ;)

  2. I was sitting next to Liz Hurley on a flight back from Paris earlier this year. When I was at uni, I bought Bjork a drink in my local in Islington.