Monday, March 1, 2010

Last week's funnies

Am taking a week out and it's a good chance to catchup with life after the first couple of weeks in the customer experience team, and I thought I'd share a couple of things that made me laugh last week.

Towards the end of tying up the old role in the products team, I did some work with a company called Zeus Technology who provided some of the technology that supported our successful Google migrations - the last of which is starting soon and being ably taken over from me by my colleague Giorgi.

Last week they put out a press release about the partnership, which I was quoted in - and it is always odd seeing your own name come up in Google Alerts.

One automated Twitter bot (I presume) got slightly the wrong end of the stick though:I'd heard there was a gridiron player who shared my name, but looking at his picture from the link provided it's difficult to mix us up I think:Either way I've made it my Twitter profile picture for now. I'd heard of a rugby player and even an adult film actor with my name, hopefully I'll not be quoted as them in the weeks to come.

The other one that made me smile was the sight I saw when coming out of our Covent Garden offices on Friday night after a long week:I'm hoping that's not a new router for the network being delivered, as I'm sure the architecture team would fail it in testing!

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