Friday, January 8, 2010

Snowme Working

It's been a very cold week, and where I am (Surrey) both Debz and I have been snowed in since Tuesday and home working. Here's what the snow was like at lunchtime (yes, it was that dark) when we ventured out for a short walk on Wednesday:At least there's been a very warm Westie to keep the feet warm when on the laptop on the sofa though!

PlusNet have reported an increase in VPN (Virtual Private Network) traffic - and we've also seen noticeably more home working going on this week across our broadband network (as we saw during February's snowfall), with around a 17% increase in traffic during working hours coming from consumer connections.

Our business division this week advocated businesses having contingency plans to support additional levels of home working in cases like this, and we've been practicing what we preach with (on Wednesday) 2,400 of our staff members home working remotely via our Citrix server farm - three times more than normal levels.

Speaking of which, I can't escape the Excel spreadsheet I need to work on any longer! I hope everyone has a warm weekend.

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