Thursday, January 28, 2010

E-mail help content - Attachment queries

A few people asked why the list of attachments on our help pages that are disallowed differed from the one on the Google help content for Googlemail/Gmail, and some people even helped out with some testing of different attachment types - which was much appreciated.

We've looked into this with Google, and the answer is relatively simple. On the Google Apps platform (where our customer mailboxes are living as we migrate over to Google), the configuration is sometimes slightly different to what is on Googlemail/Gmail as Google tends to try things out (such as testing different type of attachment rules in this case) on their direct to users platform before rolling them out to partner instances - e.g. like they do with Google Labs.

In other words, our help content was incorrect and I'm in the middle of writing up a brief to get the help content updated.

So apologies for the inconvenience and it made sense when Google explained it to me!

Thanks to those who took the time to raise this one with us.

I've also posted this to our Help & Support forums.

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