Sunday, November 29, 2009


Anyone who has ever unscrewed the cable from their TV set top box or their cable modem - say when redecorating or moving the device - may have actually caused some issues that will affect their service if they have not tightly re-connected it afterwards.

For this reason, we are in the process of trialling something we are internally calling 'Project Spanner'.

As the name suggests, Project Spanner is all about sending a spanner to customers who we think might be experiencing problems due to their connections not being sufficiently tightened and asking them to ensure that they tighten them.

The spanners look like this:
As modelled by me recently in our London offices.

Customers who we are sending the spanners to are also be given instructions on how to use them - which is important, as over tightening the connection (say, by using your own spanner) can also damage the connectors and cause problems.


  1. Alternative project names:
    "Tools for spanners"
    "Spanners for tools"

  2. It's fair to say that there's been quite afew comedy names suggested internally - Next Generation Spanner, Spanner2.0 etc ...


  3. It's nowhere near April the 1st...

  4. These spanners are no good... If you try to tighten connectors to the recommended torque they warp and bend until they are rendered useless... just saying :(

  5. Is this an old one or one of the newer ones? There's some connection improvements on connectors coming that should help this too. HTH