Saturday, May 30, 2009

More about my Grandad

My grandfather (Dad's dad) died when I was only six (and my grandmother - his wife - not long afterwards), and I don't really have many memories of him other than one walking trip we went on to the Hooker Glacier at Aoraki/Mount Cook in New Zealand (where I'm from).

In later life his name (James Brown) has often been a source of mirth ... but it's also the source of my middle name. I remember him as being both a great player of cards and a kind man, which I guess are good memories to have. It must be where our good luck run at the Casinos came from a few years ago when back in NZ on holidays!

It really made me smile when Dad managed to get hold of more details about him as part of his genealogy research (including some on his war service record), as it enabled me to learn more about him, and I've uploaded it to Google Sites if anyone's interested (click on the below to open the full PDF document):

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