Friday, May 8, 2009

#ladders update

A couple of days ago I blogged about how we were hijacking Twitter for a bit of a laugh, and I thought I'd post an update on what else happened on the day - which was great fun and got us into the top 10 on Twitter Trends.

The blog post about it got a bit of readership going by the Google Analytics tags:

The best part about the coverage at the latter end of the day though was getting it discussed by Richard Bacon on his BBC Radio 5 Live show on Wednesday night (listen again here, only available for a few days!), as a result of one of our team - Jason from our Access Networks division - asking him about the subject.

Richard liked Jason's suggestion and it then became the question of the day from a 'texter' on the show, which was an unexpected consequence.

Speaking of radio hosts (well, a tenuous segue), we got accused of doing the whole thing as part of a celebrity game:

Clearly, DJ's @alexbrown1972 and @mozzapp are in da house! We even have our own video to show for it!

<a href="">Agence communication Paris Graphéine</a>

And now the hilarious comedian Dave Gorman is following our lead with his #tendingtropics campaign - and in his case he's got as high as second in Twitter's Trending Topics - well done Dave! He started off his campaign with this tweet:

The topic (or is that tropic?) has since dropped out of the top 10 though. I think this might become quite a game in days, weeks and months to come :-)

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